Month: October 2019

1st Sunday Match – November 3rd, 2019

Hello Pards and Pardetts
The Cavalier Thanksgiving festivities are over and here is a quick run down of the event. As you all know, it was quite cool all day but at least it was sunny. I guess it’s better to have turkey instead of duck because the duck grease on everyone’s hands keep us from having one clean shooter. We should of supplied handi-wipes I guess. Slick fingers didn’t hamper anyone from having fun though. Thanks for everyone’s help, your work efforts are equal to no other. Results attached.
Gunfight at the Double-C information will be appearing next month.
Thanks Again:
Major B.S. Walker

Hello Cowboys & Cowgirls
The Cavalier Cowboys invites everyone to shoot their Thanksgiving match this Sunday Nov. 3, 2019. No, we are not serving turkey at the cowboy social. Weather so far says sunny but cold. Mid 30’s in the morning with highs in the mid 50’s so don’t forget a coat and also don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour because it’s the end of daylight savings time. You get an extra hour to sleep in so don’t be late. First shot down range at 10:00. Setup for the match will start Saturday at 4:00 if you can help. We have a new target to break in so help us do it right. Stages are attached written by that BS fella.

2nd Wednesday Match — October 9th, 2019

Hello Gang
Really nice day to shoot a match. Even though we were missing a few folks, we still had nine shooters who shot the stand and deliver match. Myself and TAPS were the only CAB shooters today. The Cavalier Cowboys wants to welcome TAPS who shot his first match with us today and shot it clean to boot. Scores are attached.
Thanks for all the help guys, your the best
Major BSW

Hello Gang
Well we had a match Sunday Oct 6 and we will have our 2nd Wednesday match this Wednesday Oct 9th. Gates open at 10:00 to begin setup and first shot down range at 12 noon. It’s a lot of fun so hope you can make it.
Thanks: Major BSW
Tomorrow is also the Hanover Chamber of Commerce gathering. I am and need others to stay after match to do Cowboy demonstrations. Bring extra ammo and dress extra cowboy for this event.
Thanks: Major BSW

1st Sunday Match — October 6th, 2019

Hello Cowboy Action Shooters

Well the weatherman lied, it didn’t even get as hot as he said. Just about a perfect day for shooting you could have. It could of only been better if Will Sonnet could of been there to enjoy it with us. He will surely be missed by all and I feel privileged to have known the man. We had a silent prayer today for him. Thank you Sassy and Cotton Connie for keeping us informed. We did manage to have thirteen shooters participate today with only two managing to shoot a clean match, Cockroach and Dude Slade which happened to be Dude’s first ever CAD match. Congratulations.

Thanks for all the help today:
Major BS Walker


Hello Cowboys and Cowboyetts
The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting their first Sunday of the month match this Sunday. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot at 10:00. The weather looks great for the match. Setup will be Saturday starting at 4:00 if you can help. Stages attached written be Ripsaw. Looking forward to seeing you there this Sunday.
Thanks: Major BSW