What is “Cowboy Casual”?

For you new shooters; “Cowboy Casual” is an optional, relaxed dress code to allow you to better address shooting in hot, humid weather as follows:

Hats – which are not required but recommended to keep the sun off your top knot must be “cowboy”, no baseball or other modern hats.

Clothes – do not have to be “cowboy”, shorts, short sleeves, t-shirts are all allowed. We just ask that you wear clothes appropriate for a family shooting event and remember that the hot piece of brass coming out of your rifle can find itself into interesting places that tend to burn.

Shoes – do not have to be “cowboy” but must be appropriate for shooting and moving, no open toe, sandals, flip flops, etc..

The Dress Code decision is made by the Match Director for the match and is based upon the weather forecast for Montpelier, Virginia for the day/time of the match.