Welcome to the Home of the Cavalier Cowboys

The Cavalier Cowboys are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club based near Montpelier, Virginia. We are associated with the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club which is where we hold our matches. We shoot on the 1st Sunday and 2nd Wednesday of every month, with some exceptions. The Cavalier Cowboys are a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Affiliated Club, we are governed by and operate our matches under all SASS Rules.

You DO NOT have to be a member of either Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club or SASS to shoot with us, everyone is welcome to join us as our guests.

NEW Shooters are Welcome and Encouraged!!  If you have ever wondered how much fun it is too dress up like a cowboy and shoot 1800 era pistols, rifles and shotguns at steel targets then COME ON OUT and find out!! New Shooters need to have observed a full match (at Cavalier or elsewhere) before shooting their first match.

Thanks, Major B.S. Walker

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1st Sunday Match – June 4th 2023

Hello Fellow Lead Slinging Enthusiasts

Well sixteen of us sure slung some today, with five clean all day shooters to boot. Miss Jane, Kuba, Bucksaw, Ripsaw and I squeaked them all on target. Mr. Cody took home the trophy. If you could of shot this match today, you would join us in a  standing ovation to Ripsaw for writing it. Top notch.
The other news – It’s not too late to sign up for the Smoke on the Mattaponi to be held in a couple of weeks so please do so. 
The SASS Virginia State Championship Match is fast approaching so please get your ass in gear by getting those registration forms in or at least send in a donation to help support our sport in our own beloved state of Virginia if you can’t participate in person. Just go to www.cavaliercowboys.org  and click State Match 
Please remember to say a prayer for all our ailing cowboys and cowgirls
Major BS Walker

Hello there Cow Folkses

The Cavalier crew is setting up another fun match this Sunday June 4th ,2023. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. This Sunday’s adventure is provided by Mr. Ripsaw.
Setup for Sunday will be on Saturday starting at 3:00 if you can help. Stages attached.
Come on out and enjoy yourselves
Major BS Walker

2nd Wednesday Match – May 10th 2023

Hello All

Was a beautiful day in the neighborhood but most of the neighbors were doing chores. We did manage to round up six work shirkers and played away. Mr. Gentleman George walked away with the only Clean All Day honors. Bud Lights were had by all. Results attached.
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday May 10th

Howdy to Everyone out there in Cowboy land.

Well it’s the second Wednesday shoot time at Cavalier once again. Gates open at 9:00 with the first shot down range at 11:00. Take a look at the setup. Looks like there’s a whole lotta fun to be had.
Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw.
See you Wednesday
Major B.S. Walker, Esquire

1st Sunday Match – May 7th 2023

Howdy Cowpeople

Despite the flood, the wild fire, the Indian attacks, the stampede and having to shoot your crippled horse, the Cavalier Cowboys managed to conjure up a match today while I was in North Carolina getting my butt kicked. Speaking of kicked butt, Mr. Ripsaw held in there while he was as sick as a dog so this match could happen. I hope everyone had a good time and helped feed the pig. I hope our out of town shooters had a good time despite the setbacks. There were no clean shooters today 😟. Results attached.
There will be another match this Wednesday. Stages will be sent out tomorrow.
Major BS

Overall Winners By Time Sunday 5/7/2023

Hello Everyone out there in Cowboy Land

Yes, it’s the return of the first Sunday of the month match at Cavalier. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Come on out and feed the pig. Stages provided by Mr. Bingo
Major BS
Setup will be on Saturday at 3:00

Match Stages – Sunday May 7th

2nd Wednesday Match – April 12th 2023

Hello Boys, Girls and undecided

80+ degrees and not a cloud to be had and 8 Cowboys slugging it out. Actually we were just laid back enjoying ourselves. Mr. Lefty and myself shot CAD. Next month is a whole different ball game. Everyone helped out immensely and we were in and out in no time. We had the honor of trying out some new targets today. Saturday is KC’s match and Sunday is Mattaponi’s match. Results linked below.
See you soon

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday 4/12/2023

Stage 1 - Bingo Montana

Good Morning All

The Cavalier boys would like to welcome you to shoot this Wednesday’s April 12th match. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. Supposed to be sunny and about 80 degrees. Antics created by Mr. Bingo are attached.
See you Wednesday:
Major BSW

Match Stages – Wednesday April 12th 2023

1st Sunday Match – April 2nd 2023

Hello there Boys & Girls

Well we can now hang our spurs up on the April Sunday match at Cavalier. Through all the tears and desperation emerged five Clean All Day shooters, Ripsaw, Tree Doc Red, Bingo Montana, our new shooter Dodge Driver and there must be a mistake but also me. Next month will be everyone else’s turn to shoot clean. A special shout out to Ms. Macon Mayham and Mr. Slim Kipp for driving all the way across the country, well, all the way from Maryland, just to shoot with us today. Everyone thanks, your work efforts makes a cowboy proud. Results attached somewhere.
Thanks All Again,
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 04/02/2023

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, and everyone else

The Laid Back Bad Guys from Cavalier are kicking off April with their first Sunday of the month match this Sunday, April 2, 2023. Weather looks cool but sunny. Stages for the match are provided by Mr. Bucksaw. Usual start times, gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Sunday’s setup will be on Saturday starting at 3:30 if you can help. Stages attached.
Thanks All 
Hope to see you Sunday
Major B.S. Walker.

Match Stages – Sunday April 2nd

2nd Wednesday Match – March 8th

Hello Dudes and Dudesses
The laid back bad guys at Cavalier managed to pull off their first 2023 Wednesday match. It warmed up about 4 degrees more than the weatherman guessed and with light winds it was quite pleasant. Everyone seemed to have problems with some WTF stages so we had NO clean shooters. It was still a fun day. Cavaliers next match will be Sunday, April 2nd. It’s not too late to sign up for Gathering on the Mattaponi next weekend. Email or call so you can be added.

Today’s results are attached.
Major BS Walker

Hello again everyone

March madness isn’t over yet. The Cowboys at Cavalier restart the second Wednesday of the month match for 2023 this Wednesday, March 8th. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00

1st Sunday Match – March 5th 2023

Hello Fellow Fun Seekers

Twas March the 5th but the weather was more like late April or early May. Couldn’t ask for any better, sunny with just a slight breeze. Anyhow, five cowboys took advantage of that and shot CAD, clean all day. Congratulations to Walker Colt, Lefty Spurmaker, Bucksaw Bob, Potter County Kid, and the new guy shooting his first ever match, Mopor CC Rider. Mr. Mopor, hope you had a good time, We also had momma Ms.Dang Jenner and the boys back. Congrads to Mr. Walker Colt for taking the top honor and not to forget, A BIG  THANK YOU to everyone working like a well oiled machine. Results attached somewhere.
Thanks Again:
That Major BS Walker Feller

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday March 5th

Hello Sports Fans

The Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their March Madness Match this Sunday, March 5, 2023. I call it March Madness because March is the restartup month for the second Wednesday of the month matches so let’s keep our fingers crossed for fair weather. Speaking of startup’s, the SASS Virginia State Championship registration forms and hotel bookings are now up on the website. We are held to a limited number so please register early. Just click  State Match on top bar at www.cavaliercowboys.org  The madness for Sunday is provided by Mr. Bingo with first shot down range at 10:00 am the usual time.
Setup for the match will be on Saturday starting at 3:00 pm
Major BSW

Match Stages – Sunday March 5th

2023 SASS VA State Championship Match – UPDATE!

2023 SASS VA State Championship – “Gunfight at the Double-C” Registration Fee Is All Inclusive!

Includes: Lunch on Saturday, All Friday Side Matches, 2-Stage Warm-up, & New Wild Bunch Match!

Registration and Sponsorship form are available!  Click HERE!

Host Hotel Information – make your reservation today!

Residence Inn Short Pump at the Notch special group rate: $135 per night. Click HERE to reserve you room!

Start Date: Thursday, August 31, 2023

End Date: Monday, September 4, 2023

Last Day to Book: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

All future updates will be posted to the 2023 VA State Championship Page.

1st Sunday Match – February 5th 2023

Hello Cowpokes

Well it might have gotten to the mid fifties today but we couldn’t enjoy the warmth because of the damn wind. We all still managed to enjoy ourselves with some mighty fine stages. Mr. Ripsaw, the Lefty Spurmaker and Captain R. Hugh Kidnme himself, all made it to the CAD podium. Dakota Rambler took the first place honors. Thank you to everyone for all the help. Results are attached.
Your Pard
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 2/5/2023

Hello Boys & Girls

The Cavalier Cowboys will be holding their first Sunday of the month match this coming Sunday Feb. 5, 2023. Gates open at 8:00 with first shot down range at 10:00. This will be a Cowboy Cool match so dress any way you want to stay warm. We will also have all the heaters cranking. Antics for Sunday created by Mr. Ripsaw and are attached. If you can help, set up will be on Saturday at 3:00.
See Y’ALL Sunday
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – 2/5/2023

New Year’s Day Match Video!

Match video of all 6 stages from our New Year’s Day Match.

NOTE: YouTube polices prevent showing minors engaging in activities depicted in the video, therefore our two Buckaroos are not included in the video.