Match Rules & Conventions

Revised 04/01/2024

  • SASS Rules: All SASS Rules are in affect; unless documented herein, addressed during the Shooter Safety Meeting or specifically stated in the stage directions for a given stage.
  • SASS Stage Conventions: All SASS Stage Conventions are in effect, unless specifically stated in the stage directions for a given stage.
  • Total Time Scoring: All Cavalier Cowboys matches will use Total Time Scoring.
  • Safety Officer: Every shooter present is a Safety Officer and has the responsibility to identify, declare and diligently prevent all safety infractions.
  • Round Over Berm: A rifle or pistol round over the berm is a Match Disqualification.
  • “No Alibi”: All Cavalier Cowboy matches are “no alibi” matches. “Once the first round goes down range, the competitor is committed to the stage and must finish the stage to the best of his or her ability. “
  • Ear & Eye Protection: Ear and Eye Protection is mandatory for all shooters and spectators.
  • Ground Targets: Targets positioned on/near the ground may only be shoot at with the shotgun. Ground Targets shoot at with a rifle or pistol round will result in a Minor Safety Violation.
  • Shotgun Knockdown Misses: Unless specifically stated in the stage directions for a given stage and pursuant to SASS rules, all shotgun knockdown targets may be reshot at until down, aka “Comstock Rule”.
  • Shotgun Shot Size: Shot size must be number 7 ½ lead birdshot or smaller (no steel or plated shot).
  • Loading on the Move: Loading on the move is permitted pursuant to SASS rules.
  • Drawing on the Move: Drawing on the move is permitted pursuant to SASS rules.
  • End of Stage: Unless otherwise directed by a Range Officer, after a stage has been completed the shooter will safely retrieve rifle, shotgun, and pistols and move them to the unloading table. The shooters firearms will not leave the unloading table until they have been verified “cleared” by a Range Officer.
  • Coaching: Any shooter who does not want to receive coaching must state their preference at the beginning of each stage. “Proper coaching or no coaching at all is not considered RO Interference and therefore will never be grounds for a reshoot. Improper coaching that either impedes the shooter’s progress or results in a procedural penalty may be grounds for a reshoot.”
  • Motorized Vehicles: All motorized vehicles must be operated and parked in designated areas and may not enter pedestrian only areas.
  • New Shooters: New Shooters who have never shot a SASS match before must observe one full match prior to shooting their first match, to ensure the shooter is familiar with match procedures and safety requirements. For their very first match, new shooters will be assigned a “mentor”, an experienced SASS shooter, to assist and coach them through the match.

The Spotters Creed:

If you know that it’s a Hit…It’s a Hit

If you know that it’s a Miss…It’s a Miss

If you think it’s a Hit…It’s a Hit

If you think it’s a Miss…IT’S A HIT

 Benefit of the doubt always goes to the shooter