Welcome to the Home of the Cavalier Cowboys

The Cavalier Cowboys are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club based near Montpelier, Virginia. We are associated with the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club which is where we hold our matches. We shoot on the 1st Sunday and 2nd Wednesday of every month, with some exceptions. The Cavalier Cowboys are a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Affiliated Club, we are governed by and operate our matches under all SASS Rules.

You DO NOT have to be a member of either Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club or SASS to shoot with us, everyone is welcome to join us as our guests.

NEW Shooters are Welcome and Encouraged!!  If you have ever wondered how much fun it is too dress up like a cowboy and shoot 1800 era pistols, rifles and shotguns at steel targets then COME ON OUT and find out!! New Shooters need to have observed a full match (at Cavalier or elsewhere) before shooting their first match.

Thanks, Major B.S. Walker

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Sunday 4th of July Match

Hello Cowboys & Cowgirls

The Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their 1st Sunday of the month match, which happens to be the 4th of July, this Sunday with a slight change. After the match supplied by Mr. Smackwater, he will be grilling at the Cowboy Social for the small additional fee of 0.00.😋 Not required but something to add to the festivities will be appreciated and devoured. Match to start at usual time. Setup will be on Saturday at 4:00.

Be sure to wear something patriotic.
Thanks All: Major BSW


1st Sunday Match — January 3rd, 2021

Hello ALL
The weatherman got it partly right, no rain after 6:00 am so we were high and dry until half way through the 5th stage when it started to mist. It misted hard for the last stage so things were a little damp by the end. No serious problems at all today except for my shooting. We all still had a good time standing around the heater if not shooting. We did have two CAD shooters and they came in first and second overall, that masked crusader  Mr. Ripsaw and his faithful sidekick Bingo Montana. Way to go guys. Speaking of way to go guys, that also rolls over to all the people that helped with the chores. Results are attached somewhere.
Major BS Walker


Weather rain forecast for the Cavalier range Sunday morning is 80% at 6:00, 50% at 8:00, 20% at 10:00, 0% at 12. Match is a go. Rain during the drive but ending by start time. Canopies will be available if needed.

Hope you can make it
Major BS Walker


Hello ALL

The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting their regular 1st. Sunday of the month match this Sunday Jan. 3, 2021. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. With the Covid restrictions we will shoot with 2 posse’s of no more than 10 per posse. TO’s and unloading table officers will be required to wear masks and 6 ft. distancing should be observed. I look forward to seeing everyone at our 2021 kick-off match. Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw and modified to work in two bays by me. Setup for Sunday’s match will be on Saturday at 3:00.



2nd Wednesday Match — November 11th, 2020

With 70% chance of rain at noon and increasing from that point, we will not have the match tomorrow.
Keep your powder dry
Major BSW

Hello Boys & Girls
Here are the stages for Wednesday’s match at Cavalier. With the weather forecast it will be likely rained out. I will post a yea or nay this time tomorrow. Hoping the weather guessers will back the rain off until later in the day.
Major BSW

1st Sunday Match — November 1st, 2020

Hello Everyone
With 100% chance of rain tomorrow from 10 til 2, The high and dry Cavalier Cowboys have decided to stay high and dry so tomorrow’s match has been canceled.
See you on the flip side:
Major BSW

Hello  Cowboys & Cowgirls
The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting this Sunday Nov. 1st, 2020. Match times as usual, gates open at 8:30 with first shot at 10:00. You have no excuse for missing the match because Saturday night you set your clocks back 1 hour so you get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. Setup will be on Saturday at 3:30. Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw.
See you Sunday: Major BSW

2nd Wednesday Match — October 14th, 2020

Hello Fellow Shooters
Weather was near perfect for a match and eleven shooters took advantage of it. Problem was only three shot clean all day, Ripsaw, El Diablo Don and Marshall P.C. Wabash. Congratulations guys. Thanks to everyone for doing the match choirs. Results attached.
Thanks Again:


The Cavalier Cowboys will be having the 2nd. Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday Oct. 14, 2020. Gates open at 10:00 with first shot down range at high noon. Since last month’s match was rained out, we will be shooting those same stages.


Wed oct 14 warm weather

1st Sunday Match — October 4th, 2020

Hello Everyone
What great weather to shoot a match. Needed a jacket in stage one then tada. just nice. I guess the rest of you were tied up with honey – do things.
This was an especially good day for Mr, Smackwater  because it was his return match after having Cataract Surgery and he shot it Clean All Day along with Enid City Kid, I guess with the starting line “That’s Pretty Bold Talk For a One eyed Fat Man” that one eyed fat man came through. Thanks for all the help with set-up and tear down.Results attached.
You guys and gals rock:
Major BS Walkler

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
The Cavalier Cowboys invites all to attend our Match this Sunday October 4th 2020. Gates open at 8:15 and first shot at 10:00. We will be opening up the grill for Sunday so if you would like to add something that would be great. Please excuse the graphics errors, have an unresolved as of yet computer glitch. Stages are attached from Mr. Smackwater
Thanks All:
Major BSW

1st Sunday Match — September 6th, 2020

What a beautiful day to be out and about with a gun in your hand. Fifteen people got to have fun today at the range but only one shot CAD. That was me. Thanks for all the help with the chores and hope to see all of you on the trail later this month.  Results are attached as usual in a timely manner.

Sunday 9_06_2020 (9_6_20)_ Overall Winners Details by Time


Yes everyone, we will be having our Cowboy Match this coming Sunday Sept. 6th 2020. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Hope to see everyone again since the cancelation of the state match.
Set up for Sunday’s match will be on Saturday at 5:00 pm. This match, created by Mr. Ripsaw, is attached.

Thanks All:
Major BS Walker


2020 Sep 6 CAV 1 bay