Wednesday Matches

2nd Wednesday Match – June 14th 2023

Hello Peoples

We had six shooters manage to forge through the mud the blood and the beer to get here for the match. We all had fun, especially Ripsaw who was our only CAD shooter and overall winner. Remember KC’s shoots Saturday and The Sundowners shoot on Sunday. Next week is the State Black Powder Championship, Smoke on the Mattaponi.
Major BSW

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday 6/14/2023

Hello all;you fine Folk’es

Come one come all and show your pride on how straight you can shoot. The laid back bad guys, or also known as the Cavalier Cowboys, are shooting their 2nd Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday June 14, 2023. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. Stages attached.
Thanks a bunch
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Wednesday 6/14/2023

2nd Wednesday Match – May 10th 2023

Hello All

Was a beautiful day in the neighborhood but most of the neighbors were doing chores. We did manage to round up six work shirkers and played away. Mr. Gentleman George walked away with the only Clean All Day honors. Bud Lights were had by all. Results attached.
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday May 10th

Howdy to Everyone out there in Cowboy land.

Well it’s the second Wednesday shoot time at Cavalier once again. Gates open at 9:00 with the first shot down range at 11:00. Take a look at the setup. Looks like there’s a whole lotta fun to be had.
Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw.
See you Wednesday
Major B.S. Walker, Esquire

2nd Wednesday Match – April 12th 2023

Hello Boys, Girls and undecided

80+ degrees and not a cloud to be had and 8 Cowboys slugging it out. Actually we were just laid back enjoying ourselves. Mr. Lefty and myself shot CAD. Next month is a whole different ball game. Everyone helped out immensely and we were in and out in no time. We had the honor of trying out some new targets today. Saturday is KC’s match and Sunday is Mattaponi’s match. Results linked below.
See you soon

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday 4/12/2023

Stage 1 - Bingo Montana

Good Morning All

The Cavalier boys would like to welcome you to shoot this Wednesday’s April 12th match. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. Supposed to be sunny and about 80 degrees. Antics created by Mr. Bingo are attached.
See you Wednesday:
Major BSW

Match Stages – Wednesday April 12th 2023

2nd Wednesday Match – March 8th

Hello Dudes and Dudesses
The laid back bad guys at Cavalier managed to pull off their first 2023 Wednesday match. It warmed up about 4 degrees more than the weatherman guessed and with light winds it was quite pleasant. Everyone seemed to have problems with some WTF stages so we had NO clean shooters. It was still a fun day. Cavaliers next match will be Sunday, April 2nd. It’s not too late to sign up for Gathering on the Mattaponi next weekend. Email or call so you can be added.

Today’s results are attached.
Major BS Walker

Hello again everyone

March madness isn’t over yet. The Cowboys at Cavalier restart the second Wednesday of the month match for 2023 this Wednesday, March 8th. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00

2nd Wednesday Match – November 9 – Starting at 11AM!

Hello All;

Another second Wednesday match has come and gone with not a clean all day shooter to be had. We all still had fun while missing.  Dang Janner was there today with the boys, Benie the Kid and Dirt Shooter taking advantage of a day off from school. Everyone chipped in and helped.
Results attached.

Overall Winners By Time – Wednesday 11/09/2022

This Wednesday. Nov. 9th, 2022 we will be shooting our fun match. First shot down range at 11:00. Here is a look at the stages. Hope to see you there.

Major BS
Also, please keep Sassy and Potter in your prayers.  Here is a note from Potter:
“I am asking for prayer support from the cowboy community. Sassy is not improving at all. In fact even with prescribed pain meds she is still in constant pain and is virtually immobile without assistance. Neither of us has worked going on 2 weeks now. Wednesday she has an appointment with a Pain management specialist and are hoping for positive results.
Thank you ,Potter County Kid”

2nd Wednesday Match – Oct 12th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Again Boys & Girls

Eight Cowboys were lucky enough to shoot up the stages that Bingo left for us today in his absence. Near perfect weather but not near perfect shooting because our only CAD shooter was the new guy, Gentleman George. This is Gentleman George’s first Clean All Day Match. Way to go Pard. Thanks to all that attended and for helping out

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls

The Cavalier Crew will be shooting this Wednesday. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. We will shoot the stages from Sunday’s match that was rained out.
 Don’t forget to shoot the upcoming “Shoot for a Cure” Breast Cancer Match at West Point and the following week is Sussex County Range War.
Hope to see you Wednesday
Major BS Walker

2nd Wednesday Match – May 11th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Fellow Lead Slingers

Another second Wednesday Match is in  the history books with this send out of the results. Great weather day with great friends and great stages. We even broke in some new targets today that worked great. Speaking of working great, thanks gang for all your hard work. We managed 3 CAD shooters today, Captain R Hugh Kidnme, Mr. Lefty Spurmaker and that BS fellow. No Cockroach, you did not shoot clean today. Results attached.
Don’t forget and please support Thunder in the Brush, KC’s two day championship match and the Smoke on the Mattaponi, the Virginia State Black Powder Championship.
Thanks Again:
Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone in Cowboyville

The Cavalier Cowboys are back at it again with their second Wednesday match this Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Gates open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00. Weather calls for sunny, 70 with 0 % chance of rain. Attached stages assembled by Mr. Ripsaw.
Come on out and have some fun.
Major BSW
Reminder!  Speed limit on Boondock Lane is 10 MPH!
10 MPH!

2nd Wednesday Match – April 13th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Cowpokes

Well, we actually had to contend with sweating today. What a change from just this past weekend. We were all privileged today to have momma and papa Stith  join us with their sons to shoot their first ever Cowboy match. Two Buckaroos joined the ranks today, Dirt Shooter and Benie the Kid with their 22’s pistols and rifle blazing. With the help of some low noise, low recoil 12gauge shells they both handled that equally as well. These two youngsters handled themselves as true young gentlemen. The smiles on these youths’ faces are priceless. Parents will be joining the sport shortly.  We even shot the motorized star and the boys knocked most plates off with the 22 rifles. Thanks to everyone for their assistance with everything today and mentoring the boys.
Your Pard:
Major BS walker

UPDATE: 4/12/2022

Hello Gang

The road is tar and graveled all the way to the entrance gate. The match tomorrow is on. Gates open around 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00.
Note: The Cavalier Badges are in so I will have them with me at each match the rest of the month so if you are not shooting then just let me know and I can mail it to you.
Major BSW

The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting this Wednesday, April 13, Gates open around 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. Note, Cavalier is paving Boondock Lane starting on Monday and is supposed to finish on Tuesday. I will go to the range on Tuesday evening and make sure they are finished. If they haven’t finished on Tuesday then we might have to cancel the match for lack of access. I will post again either way early Tuesday night. Stages provided by Mr. Montana.

PS. We will be shooting the motorized star on stage six.
Your Pard:
Major BSW

Match Stages – Wednesday 4/12/20222