Wednesday Matches

2nd Wednesday Match — November 11th, 2020

With 70% chance of rain at noon and increasing from that point, we will not have the match tomorrow.
Keep your powder dry
Major BSW

Hello Boys & Girls
Here are the stages for Wednesday’s match at Cavalier. With the weather forecast it will be likely rained out. I will post a yea or nay this time tomorrow. Hoping the weather guessers will back the rain off until later in the day.
Major BSW

2nd Wednesday Match — October 14th, 2020

Hello Fellow Shooters
Weather was near perfect for a match and eleven shooters took advantage of it. Problem was only three shot clean all day, Ripsaw, El Diablo Don and Marshall P.C. Wabash. Congratulations guys. Thanks to everyone for doing the match choirs. Results attached.
Thanks Again:


The Cavalier Cowboys will be having the 2nd. Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday Oct. 14, 2020. Gates open at 10:00 with first shot down range at high noon. Since last month’s match was rained out, we will be shooting those same stages.


Wed oct 14 warm weather

2nd Wednesday Match — August 12th, 2020

Well Hello Everyone

The weatherman lied again, was supposed to be 92 to 95 with a humidity factor of around 100 with thunderstorms. That never happened. Instead it was 82 overcast and with the fans it was quite comfortable. Did hear a rumble or two of thunder but had no storms. All this comfy weather didn’t help us shooters much except for Mr. Bingo who not only was our only clean all day shooter but won the whole match.With the State match canceled we will hold our regular 1st Sunday match as usual.

Thanks everyone and stay healthy:
Major BS Walker

08-12-2020 MatchResultsCombined


Hello Shooters

The Cavalier crew will be hosting the second Wednesday monthly match this Wednesday the 12th starting at high noon. Gates open at 10:00. Please come a little early to help with all the targets set up for this match. This will also be shot Cowboy Casual with shade and fans. Stages attached for your inspection.

Thanks All:
Major BS Walker

Cavalier Wednesday Match Aug 12-2020

2nd Wednesday Match — May 8th, 2019

Hello Everyone
Everyone was either busy, sick, laid up or injured to make the match today but what a perfect day for a match. No clean shooters, everyone had some sort of gun malfunction today.
Scores are attached from my first try with PractiScore on a new iPad.
MD Cavalier Cowboys

Hello Women and Men, Boys and Girls and those that are Gender Unsure.
The Cavalier Cowboys are not only shooting this Sunday but will also be shooting their regular second Wednesday match just three days later on May 8th. Wednesdays match starts at high noon but gates open at 10 for setup. I hope to see you there.
Stages are attached or should I say information is attached to Stages.

2nd Wednesday Match — April 10th, 2019

Hello Everyone
What a great day to shoot but between doctor appointments, broken down cars and visiting relatives out of town, it was hard to muster up a sizable group. The four of us that did shoot had as much fun as a dozen. A special shout out welcome to El Diablo Don for stopping by and throwing some lead down range with us today.
Results are attached.
Thanks: Major BSW

Hello Everyone

Like I said in a earlier email, the cavalier Cowboys will be holding their regular 2nd Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday April 10, 2019. Gates open at 10 and first shot down range at noon. All are welcome. Stages for the match are attached.

Thanks: Major BSW


Hello Boys & Girls

Back by popular demand, we will be holding our Cowboy Social at the range after Sundays match. If you can’t make the match on Sunday then you still have time to practice for the Double-C match held the following weekend by shooting our second  Wednesday of the month match on April 10. Seems Cavalier is just a bonanza of shooting opportunities. All are welcome. Stages are being processed for Wednesdays match as we speak and will be forth coming.

Thanks: Major BSW


Cavalier Match 04-10-2019.pdf

2nd Wednesday Match — March 13th, 2019

Hello Boys & Girls
Sorry you had to work today or just decided to sleep in because it was a good day for a match. Weather today should pretty much mirror what we will experience this weekend at Gathering on the Mattaponi. We finally wound up with 9 shooters today and with stages like we had, it could of been 5 or 6 shooters. Actually, the twist in the stages made for a very fun afternoon. Sadly, we only had one clean shooter and that honor goes to VA. Rifleman the one and only. Thanks guys for all the help.
PS – Speaking of this weekends Gathering on the Mattaponi, you can just bring your registration to the Double-C match with you and save a stamp.
See all of you this weekend.
Results posted
Major B.S.W.
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys

Hello Everyone
Time to dust off your Wednesday ammunition and shoot up some targets again. Winter is on the way out and Wednesday matches are on again. The Cavalier Cowboys  invites you to come on out this Wednesday, 3/13/19, and have some fun. Gates open at 10 am for set up and first shot down range at high noon. Speaking of high, the temps for Wednesday is around 54 with 4 mph winds. Not to bad, not to bad at all. Hope to see you then.
Major B.S.W.
Don’t forget to set your clocks forward this Saturday night.

2nd Wednesday Match — December 12th, 2018

Well, we have been bitten by the winter bug. With 8″+ of snow still on the ground and the roads to the club still quite icy, the match for tomorrow is a NO go.
There will not be another Wednesday match until March unless we have a freak warm weather event.
Thanks a Bunch
Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier Cowboys will be having their second Wednesday match this Wednesday, Dec.12. This will be our last Wednesday match until the winter passes and will resume again in March. Weather forecast for the match is supposed to be in the mid to upper 40’s and sunny so it will even feel warmer than actual temperatures. Gates open at 10:00 with first shot at 12 noon.
Hope you can make it
Major BSW
Attached are the stages – trying something a little more different.

2nd Wednesday Match — November 14th, 2018

Hello fellow Cowboys and Cowgirls

It was a little cold today but without the wind blowing it was comfortable with the help of a pair of long johns . With the crowd we had today I just can’t understand why we didn’t have a single clean shooter but o” well, stranger things have happened. I would like to congratulate Cody as our 1st place shooter, BS, me in second place and Ripsaw coming in third overall. I’d also would like to thank Ripsaw for bringing his neighbor Gary to watch his first match and he got to shoot a couple of stages to boot. Thanks Gary for helping out. The results from today are attached.

Thanks All: MBSW

Cavalier Scores 11-14-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf


Hello All

The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting this Wednesday Nov.14th. Gates open at 10:00 for set-up, safety briefing at 11:45 and first shot down range at 12:00 noon. Looks as if it will be dry but a little cold so dress appropriately. Hope to see you there and as usual, stages are attached.

Thanks: MBSW

Cavalier Match Stages 11-14-2018.pdf

2nd Wednesday Match — October 10th, 2018

Hello Everyone

Well we got drizzled on a little while today but still managed to pull off a pretty good match. Welcome back Blue Steel. It has been several years. We did manage to have one clean shooter today and that was me. Cockroach wrote a good array of stags. Speaking of stages, they are attached.

Also, don’t forget to support Mattaponi’s Brest Cancer Match in two weeks and the following week will be the Sussex County Range War at Pungo.

Thanks all:
Major BS Walker

Cavalier Match Scores 2018-10-07.pdf

Hello Again

Now that todays match is in the record books, you have a chance to do it again. This Wednesday, Oct. 10 the Cavalier Cowboys will be holding their every second Wednesday of the month match. Gates open at 10:00 am, safety briefing at 11:45 and first shot down range at high noon. I didn’t write the stages. Everyone is invited.


Attached are the stages for Oct 10, in pdf

Cavalier Match 10-10-2018.pdf