New “Wild West” Shooting Category

The Cavalier Cowboys will recognize a new local category entitled; “Wild West”. This is NOT an official SASS category and is only available at our regular monthly matches.

The objective of the category is two fold; First to allow cowboy shooters to use a variety of firearms and shooting styles within a single match and second to allow different shooting categories to compete against each other within a single category.

The “Wild West” category is define as follows:

  • Rifle – any SASS legal main match rifle
  • Shotgun – any SASS legal main match shotgun
  • Pistols – any SASS legal main match pistols
  • Ammunition – any SASS legal caliber, powder, etc.
  • Power Factor – the SASS Power Factor of 60 applies to all ammunition
  • Costume – all normal SASS costume rules apply but there are no category specific requirements
  • Shooting Style – any SASS legal shooting style, ie gunfighter, duelist, two-handed, etc.
  • Age – there are NO age restrictions
  • “Wild Bunch” type shooting/rules/firearms is NOT allowed
  • “Outlaw” shooting style/rules is NOT allowed