Bingo Montana

1st Sunday Match – January 1st 2023 – New Years Day!

Hello Boys & Girls

Twas a lovely day in the neighborhood. Mid sixties and sunny for the first day of the new year, who would have thought. We did manage to hold a decent match today with 21 people either being hung over, sleep deprived or both. That didn’t seem to bother anyone when it came to having to engage the Ferris Wheel on stage three. I’m guessing Mr. Bingo was the only one to stayed sober and got some sleep because he was the only CAD shooter. Thanks all for all your help and being such a fun group to ride with.
Results linked below.
Major B.S. Walker
Bingo Clears the Ferris Wheel and Breaks It!

Overall Winners By Time – Sunday 1/1/2023

Hello CowPokes

Let’s start the first day of the new year off with a good old shootem-up. The 1st Sunday of the month match at Cavalier will be New Years Day. Looking forward to spending this year shooting with you all. Sorry though, the stages were written by me.
Hope to see you on Sunday.
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday 1/1/2023

1st Sunday Match – December 4th, 2022

Hello Cowpokes

The Cavalier Cowboys were blessed today with a superb group of shooters. A bit cold but with the heaters cranking no one seemed to mind much. Someone even managed a warm snack in the process. A special shout out to Which Hand Wade who made his shooting comeback after over a years long recovery from surgery.. Jackass Flats even pulled out some sidearms and gave it a go. All together we had 20 shooters but only had 1 Clean All Day shooter. Congratulations to Mr. Ripsaw for being that 1 CAD shooter and also 1st place overall. Thank you everyone for coming today and doing such a bang up job at assisting with everything. Results linked below..
Your Pard:
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 12/04/2022

Shooter Spotlight: Which Hand Wade

Which Hand Wade

Howdy there Cowpokes

The end of 2022 is approaching quickly so the laid back bad guys (also known as the Cavalier Cowboys) are hosting their end of the year match this coming Sunday Dec. 4, 2022. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 with first shot down range at 10:00. NOTE: There will not be another second of the month Wednesday match until March. Since it will be December, please feel free to dress festively if possible. Stages have been provided by the Grinch, I mean Mr. Smackwater.
Happy Holidays:
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday 12/04/2022

2nd Wednesday Match – November 9 – Starting at 11AM!

Hello All;

Another second Wednesday match has come and gone with not a clean all day shooter to be had. We all still had fun while missing.  Dang Janner was there today with the boys, Benie the Kid and Dirt Shooter taking advantage of a day off from school. Everyone chipped in and helped.
Results attached.

Overall Winners By Time – Wednesday 11/09/2022

This Wednesday. Nov. 9th, 2022 we will be shooting our fun match. First shot down range at 11:00. Here is a look at the stages. Hope to see you there.

Major BS
Also, please keep Sassy and Potter in your prayers.  Here is a note from Potter:
“I am asking for prayer support from the cowboy community. Sassy is not improving at all. In fact even with prescribed pain meds she is still in constant pain and is virtually immobile without assistance. Neither of us has worked going on 2 weeks now. Wednesday she has an appointment with a Pain management specialist and are hoping for positive results.
Thank you ,Potter County Kid”

1st Sunday Match – November 6th 2022

Hello Again Boys & Girls

The Cavalier Cowboys managed to pull off another match with really nice weather today. Twas a little on the heated side and so was the shooting.We would like for everyone to take note of our soon to be a regular Cowboy competitor, Mr. Bullfrog Bandido who shot his first match today. Glad to have you ride with us anytime. Speaking of riding, we only had two shooters ride out with a Clean match, that being our good buddy Mr. Bucksaw Bob and the lovely and talented Ms. One Eyed Jane. First time top overall shooter today was also the lovely and talented  Mr. Walker Colt. Thanks Bingo for managing things, Ripsaw for the fine match and to all that attended and handled all the chores.
We will be shooting again this Wednesday 11/9/22 with the first shot down range at 11:00. Stages to be sent out tomorrow.
Your Pard:
Major BS Walker
Note from Bingo: Ripsaw, the best dressed pistoleer since Wild Bill, was incorrectly entered as Silver Senior category and should have been Gunfighter!  Sorry about that Ripsaw.

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 11/06/2022


Bullfrog Bandido

Hello Everyone

The Cavalier first Sunday of the month match is this Sunday 11/6/22. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Setup will be on Saturday about 3:30.
At least come to the match and take out your political frustrations on some steel targets before you vote on Tuesday. Hell, you even get an extra hour of sleep leading up to the match. What’s there not to love. Stages provided by Mr. Ripsaw.
Until we meet again:
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday 11/06/2022

2nd Wednesday Match – Oct 12th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Again Boys & Girls

Eight Cowboys were lucky enough to shoot up the stages that Bingo left for us today in his absence. Near perfect weather but not near perfect shooting because our only CAD shooter was the new guy, Gentleman George. This is Gentleman George’s first Clean All Day Match. Way to go Pard. Thanks to all that attended and for helping out

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls

The Cavalier Crew will be shooting this Wednesday. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00. We will shoot the stages from Sunday’s match that was rained out.
 Don’t forget to shoot the upcoming “Shoot for a Cure” Breast Cancer Match at West Point and the following week is Sussex County Range War.
Hope to see you Wednesday
Major BS Walker

1st Sunday Match – October 2nd 2022


Hello there Fellow Lead Slingers

The Cavalier Gang will be hosting their 1st Sunday of the month match this Sunday Oct.2. Gates open at 8:30, safety meeting at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Stages were conjured up by Mr. Bingo. Please keep an eye out for updates on the match on Friday and Saturday with the iffy weather heading this way.
Hope the hurricane misses us completely
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday October 2nd

2022 VA State Championship Match Pictures

We have created a gallery of pictures from the 2022 Gunfight at the Double-C, hope you enjoy them.  A lot of really great pictures of our competitors and ranch hands.   You can find the gallery HERE!

Photo Credits:

  • Smackwater
  • Madame Anne Boney
  • Happy Valley Harlot
  • Ripsaw
  • Mrs. Bingo

As an added bonus, the traveling Marshal P.C. Wabash has posted videos of Posse 2 on his YouTube Channel.  You can find his videos here:

Marshal P.C. Wabash Smoke Show – Classic Cowboy

2nd Wednesday Match – Sept 14th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Everyone in CowTown

Let’s hear it for the proud, the brave , the ones who made it to the match today. The proud being Ripsaw who kicked our butts and was the only CAD shooter. The brave being Gentleman George for shooting his first ever match,welcome pard, and to all else who had the chance to shoot during a near perfect weather day. Results are attached somewhere.
Thanks to all that helped:
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday 9/14/2022

It’s time again for the Cavalier Cowboys second Wednesday of the month match.

This Wednesday the gates will open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00. Play hookie and come on out. Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw
Major BSW

Match Stages – 9/14/2022


2022 SASS VA State Championship Results

I might be tired kicked back at my desk but I’m not too tired to crank out this email thanking each and everyone of you for attending and helping out with whatever it took to pull this New State Match off. With friends like you, who needs more friends. Twenty-three clean shooters out of eighty-six.  Results attached.

Major BS Walker
PLEASE send any feedback to