Bingo Montana

2nd Wednesday Match – Sept 14th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Everyone in CowTown

Let’s hear it for the proud, the brave , the ones who made it to the match today. The proud being Ripsaw who kicked our butts and was the only CAD shooter. The brave being Gentleman George for shooting his first ever match,welcome pard, and to all else who had the chance to shoot during a near perfect weather day. Results are attached somewhere.
Thanks to all that helped:
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Wednesday 9/14/2022

It’s time again for the Cavalier Cowboys second Wednesday of the month match.

This Wednesday the gates will open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00. Play hookie and come on out. Stages attached written by Mr. Ripsaw
Major BSW

Match Stages – 9/14/2022


2022 SASS VA State Championship Results

I might be tired kicked back at my desk but I’m not too tired to crank out this email thanking each and everyone of you for attending and helping out with whatever it took to pull this New State Match off. With friends like you, who needs more friends. Twenty-three clean shooters out of eighty-six.  Results attached.

Major BS Walker
PLEASE send any feedback to

Who’s Registered – VA State Championship 8/22 Update

1 A Virginia Kid VA
2 Big Bear Mo NC
3 Big Gus VA
4 Bingo Montana VA
5 Bo Dudley VA
6 Boone Doc Willy NC
7 Boss Outlaw IN
8 Brizco-Z VA
9 Bucksaw Bob VA
10 Bush Ax Jack NC
11 Buzzard Breath WV
12 Captain R. Hugh Kidnme VA
13 Carolina Charlie VA
14 Carolina Shakespeare NC
15 Cedar Creek John VA
16 Charlie Reb NC
17 Cholula Mike NJ
18 Christian Mortician GA
19 Clock Hunter VA
20 Cockroach VA
21 Cody Maverick VA
22 Cotton Connie VA
23 Dakota Rambler VA
24 El Diablo Don VA
25 Enid City Kid VA
26 Feather VA
27 Filthy Five VA
28 Flatboat Bob VA
29 Foolish Tom VA
30 Foxplay Kid NC
31 Happy Valley Harlot VA
32 Hellbender NC
33 High Noon Henry NC
34 Hoosier VA
35 Hotpocket Hanson VA
36 Hotshod Va
37 J.M. Brown NC
38 Jack Sazerac VA
39 Johnny Swan NJ
40 Kid AtHeart VA
41 Kuba Kid VA
42 Lefty Spurmaker VA
43 Liverpool JD VA
44 Madame Anne Bonney VA
45 Major B.S. Walker VA
46 Marshal P.C. WaBash VA
47 Marshall Buggs VA
48 Miss Kala VA
49 Mustang Dave NC
50 Mustang Major Va
51 Noah Fitz NC
52 Nunnfaster NC
53 Ohm’s Law VA
55 One Eyed Jane VA
56 Patsy Montana NY
57 Potshot Parker GA
58 Potter County Kid VA
59 Prairie City Slim VA
60 Quilla Star VA
61 Range Hazzard VA
62 Red Cavanaugh VA
63 Redrider Slim VA
64 Ripsaw VA
65 Sassy Shooting Sours VA
66 Scarlett Darlin SC
67 Slick NC
68 Smackwater VA
69 Swifty McDraw VA
70 Terrible T VA
70 The Old Salt VA
71 Tom Bullweed NC
72 Trail Bandit SC
73 Trapper Dan VA
74 Tree Doc Red VA
75 Tye Riverman VA
76 Vaquero Dan DE
77 Walker Colt VA
78 Wendover Kid NC
79 Whiskey Ro NC
80 Wild Bill Hunter VA
81 Wildcat Will VA
82 Windhorse Rider VA
83 Wistful McClintock VA
84 Wyoming Schoolmarm DE

Who’s Registered? – The VA State Championship

Here is the list of who is registered as of 7/31/2022.  Keep those registrations coming in

Alias State
Big Gus VA
Bingo Montana VA
Bo Dudley VA
Boss Outlaw IN
Brizco – Z VA
Bucksaw Bob VA
Captian R. Hugh Kidnme VA
Carolina Shakespeare NC
Cedar Creek John VA
Cholula Mike NJ
Clock Hunter VA
Cotton Connie VA
El Diablo Don VA
Flatboat Bob VA
Foxplay Kid NC
Hellbender NC
High Noon Henry NC
J.M. Bown NC
Johnny Swan NJ
Kid AtHeart VA
Left Spurmaker VA
Liverpool J.D. VA
Madame Anne Bonney VA
Major B.S. Walker VA
Marshal P.C. WaBash VA
Miss Kala VA
Noah Fitz NC
Ohm’s Law VA
One Eyed Jane VA
Patsy Montana NY
Potshot Parker GA
Potter County Kid VA
Prairie City Slim VA
Range Hazzard VA
Red Cavanaugh VA
Redrider Slim VA
Ripsaw VA
Sassy Shoting Sours VA
Scarlett Darlin SC
Slick NC
Swifty McDraw VA
The Old Salt VA
Tom Bullweed NC
Trail Bandit SC
Trapper Dan VA
Tree Doc Red VA
Tye Riverman VA
Vaqeuro Dan DE
Wendover Kid NC
Whiskey Ro NC
Wild Bill Hunter VA
Wildcat Will VA
Wistful McClintok VA
Wyoming Schoolmarm DE

1st Sunday Match – July 3rd 2022

Hello All

Was a nice day for shooting weather wise with the pop-up’s and the fans going. Was a nice day for shooting people wise with such a hard working and happy crowd.Great to see how many showed off their Hawaiian Cowboy Spirit and thanks to all that chipped in on supplying all the vittles afterwards. We did have four Clean All Day Shooters out of nineteen trying desperately to do so. The four lucky ones were the dynamic duo of Miss One Eyed Jane and Prairie City Slim, also Enid City Kid and that Major BS fellow.
Don’t forget to send in your State Registrations. It will be here sooner than you think
Thanks Again
Your Pard
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 7/3/2022

Hello everyone in Cowboyville

This Sunday,July 3rd the Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their monthly match. As usual, gates open at 8:30 with first shots down range at 10:00. What’s not usual is this will be our Cowboy Casual Summer Hawaiian Shirt Match. Like your ugliest Christmas tie, please sport your brightest Hawaiian or festive shirt. After the match to celebrate your company, we will be cooking on the grill. Bringing a cover dish to share would be appreciated but not required.
If you do wish to add something then just email or call me so we don’t end up with four bowls of pork-n- beans creating a Blazing Saddles campfire moment. Stages attached provided by Mr. Smackwater.
See you on Sunday:
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday July 3rd

1st Sunday Match – June 5th 2022

Hello Fellow Cow Persons

As of this email results, the Cavalier crew has logged in another Sunday monthly match. Full of hopes and dreams, crashes and burns we all truly enjoyed ourselves with good stage writing and great people. Everyone’s help is always appreciated,thank you. As for thank you’s, thank you Tree Doc Red, Bingo Montana, Capt. R Hugh Kidnme and One Eyed Jane for shooting the match clean all day and a shout out to Ripsaw for being our top overall shooter. Don’t forget about registering for the Virginia State Match held here for the first time at Cavalier and it’s not too late to sign up for the Virginia State BlackPowder match at West Point. Today’s results are attached.
Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone in Cowboyville

The Cavalier crew is hosting their first Sunday of the month match this Sunday June 5th. Gates open at 8:30, Safety meeting at 9:45 with first shot down range at 10:00. Attached stages for the shindig are provided by Mr. Bingo. Come on out and enjoy yourself. Setup will be on Saturday at 4:00 if you are free.
See You Sunday and Thanks Again,
Major BS Walker
Reminder!  Speed limit on Boondock Lane is 10 MPH!

2nd Wednesday Match – May 11th – Starting at 11AM!

Hello Fellow Lead Slingers

Another second Wednesday Match is in  the history books with this send out of the results. Great weather day with great friends and great stages. We even broke in some new targets today that worked great. Speaking of working great, thanks gang for all your hard work. We managed 3 CAD shooters today, Captain R Hugh Kidnme, Mr. Lefty Spurmaker and that BS fellow. No Cockroach, you did not shoot clean today. Results attached.
Don’t forget and please support Thunder in the Brush, KC’s two day championship match and the Smoke on the Mattaponi, the Virginia State Black Powder Championship.
Thanks Again:
Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone in Cowboyville

The Cavalier Cowboys are back at it again with their second Wednesday match this Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Gates open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00. Weather calls for sunny, 70 with 0 % chance of rain. Attached stages assembled by Mr. Ripsaw.
Come on out and have some fun.
Major BSW
Reminder!  Speed limit on Boondock Lane is 10 MPH!
10 MPH!

1st Sunday Match – May 1st 2022

Hello Cowboy Persons of Interest

First off the weatherman lied, not a drop of rain which was a good thing. A great day for shooting and just plain having fun. Our buckaroo’s were back today blazing their 22’s and momma even joined in. Congrads to Dakota Rambler for his top overall performance today and to Prairie City Slim for being our only clean all day shooter. Today was also Miss. Jane’s last match as a Grand Dame because tomorrow she becomes a Cattle Baroness. Happy Birthday. Thank you all for working hard to make this match possible. There aren’t enough words to express how much you are all appreciated.
Thanks Again:
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 5/1/2022

Hello Fellow Lead Slingers

This Sunday is May 1st so our first Sunday of the month match is on. Gates open at 8:30, mandatory safety meeting at 9:45 with first shot down range at 10:00. We will have a Cowboy Social after the match. Attached antics for the match are provided by Mr. Smackwater.
Boondock Lane is now tar and graveled all the way to the gate but the speed limit is still 10 MPH maximum. Please observe the speed limit.
Boondock Lane 10 MPH!
See you on Sunday
Major BS Walker