1st Sunday Match – April 7th 2024

Here is a quick video from Bingo’s Point of View shooting Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter – Stage 3.

Hello Guys and Gals

Another Cavalier match is now in the history books. Enshrined forever are the Clean All Day shooters, Kuba Kid, Range Hazzard , Steady Dutchman and myself. Also top overall was Mr.Tree Doc Red. Don’t want to leave out that we  had a new first ever match cowboy sling some lead with us today, A big welcome to Machinegun Hardy. Big ten gallon hat tip for everyone that helped tear down and hope to see you again. Well the beans are burning and I have to flip the steak so it’s time to go.
 In the words of Roy: “Until we meet again”
Major BS Walker

Match Results – Overall Winners by Time – 04/07/2024

Hello Everyone

This is no joke, the Cavalier Crew is inviting you to come on out and sling some lead with us this Sunday. Gates open at 8:30, safety meeting at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Stages for this Sunday’s match are linked below for your viewing. The weather guessers show it will be a nice day. It will be a really nice day if you show up and shoot.
Thanks Pards
Major BS Walker
Match Director