2nd Wednesday Match – March 13, 2024


Hello cow people

Sorry for the late send out but I just got home from my truck service after the shoot. 
It may have been the 13th but what a lovely weather day to shoot a match. It was so lovely that Mr. Butch Montana stepped up to the plate and shot his first ever match. Hopefully the first of many more. I guess the 13th’s  ugly head showed itself anyway because not one person shot clean. Must of been from all the short starting lines. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Results linked below.
Thanks for all the help guys
Major BSW

Results – Overall Winners by Time 3/13/2024

Pro Tip:  Survey your shooting positions for possible prop hazards and areas for safe and efficient movement.  Give yourself the space you need to operate without interference from a prop!  You may just save yourself from a safety issue.  A few moments spent surveying the stage before the buzzer goes off can help you navigate the stage successfully.

As always please feel free to contact myself or B.S. for any questions about Cowboy Action Shooting or the Cavalier Cowboys.


Hello ALL

Since Saturday is a rain out, I decided to send out the reminder early that the Cavalier Cowboys are having their season opener, second Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday March 13th. First shot down range at 11:00 am. Come on out and play.
Antics supplied by Mr. Bingo and are linked below.
Speaking of attached, the 2024 State Championship Match registration form is now available here.  You can fill it out online, then print and mail. We are limited to the amount of shooters so please send in quickly.
Major BSW

Match Stages – 3/13/2024