1st Sunday Match – December 3rd 2023

Hello everyone out there in this big old Cowboy shooten world. The Cavalier boys pulled off their final 2023 match today despite the chance of rain. Weather people got it right for a change. Stopped raining about 7:30 so by 10:00 we were good to go. Eighteen Cowpokes attended and we had a 33% Clean All Day with Bucksaw Bob, Kuba Kid, Potter County Kid, Red Cavanaugh, Walker Colt and myself pulling it off. We had a pig shoot for a bonus plus if you hit it, your name was entered into a drawing for a Cabela’s gift card. Mr. Kuba Kid was the lucky winner. A gentleman from Tennessee, Mr. Bona Fide, hung around Richmond long enough to shoot the match with us today. Was great having you and please try to do it again sometime. Thank you all for all the extra work you put into the match today. Results linked below.

Thanks All:
Happy Holidays:
Major BS Walker

Match Results: Overall Winners by Time, Sunday 12/03/2023

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

The laid back bad guys at Cavalier will finish off the year 2023 with their Sunday, Dec. 3 match. ( no match on the second Wednesday Dec., Jan., Feb.) After the food festivities of Thanksgiving and this upcoming Christmas, we will end the year with a salute to the Pig. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 with first shot down range at 10:00. Be sure to bring some pig shooten ammo. Stages linked below and created by me.
See You Sunday
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – 12/03/2023