Month: May 2019

1st Sunday Match — June 2nd, 2019

Hello Everyone
What a great day to come out and play. Nice weather seems to elude us so enjoy it while you can. Ripsaw wrote a nice match for us today (not including stage 6) and the clean shooters came out of the woodwork. Enid City Kid, Judge NO Hart, Kuba Kid, Potter County Kid, Sassy Shooting Sours and myself shot Clean All Day. The next Cavalier match will be Wednesday June12, 2019 with first shot down range at high noon.
As always, thanks for all the help
Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting there normal first Sunday of the month match this Sunday, June 2, 2019. Cold water, fans and canopies will be provided for your comfort. Even though Ripsaw is still laid up, he had previously written this match for us. Please come out and support his efforts.
See you Sunday:
Major BS Walker 

2nd Wednesday Match — May 8th, 2019

Hello Everyone
Everyone was either busy, sick, laid up or injured to make the match today but what a perfect day for a match. No clean shooters, everyone had some sort of gun malfunction today.
Scores are attached from my first try with PractiScore on a new iPad.
MD Cavalier Cowboys

Hello Women and Men, Boys and Girls and those that are Gender Unsure.
The Cavalier Cowboys are not only shooting this Sunday but will also be shooting their regular second Wednesday match just three days later on May 8th. Wednesdays match starts at high noon but gates open at 10 for setup. I hope to see you there.
Stages are attached or should I say information is attached to Stages.

1st Sunday Match — May 5th, 2019

Hello Everyone
Who would of thunk, raining when I left the house at 8:00, stopped when I got to the range at 8:30, shot the match and had the Cowboy Social, left the range and one hour after arriving home it started to rain. Just doesn’t get much better than that.
Thanks for all the help from everyone that shot today, your help is always appreciated. Sorry though, the scores won’t be out until I fix an Ipad glitch which has occurred.
Thanks Again:
Major B.S. Walker
M.D. Cavalier Cowboys

Hello Boys and Girls
This weekend is the Father Time match and many will be there. For all that will not be there, the Cavalier Cowboys will be having their regular first Sunday of the month match on Sunday May 5th. Hope you can sling some lead with us. Stages are written by Smackwater and will be a lot of fun.Good luck to everyone at Father Time.
Major BS Walker
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys