Month: July 2019

1st Sunday Match — August 4th, 2019

Well I just got home from dinner. Salmon cakes, baked sweet potato and spoon bread, a truly southern boy meal. Now it’s time for some results. First of all,thanks for shooting with us today. The canopies and fans makes it all bearable. We had four clean shooters today, Lawman Mays, Lefty Spurmaker  Potter County Kid and myself. Everyone else is just SH out of LU. I would also like to send out a welcome to our new first match ever shooter, Bingo Montana. Everyone will start seeing him in the future if Cockroach didn’t scare him away. Also, a special thanks to Ripsaw for writing the match today and thanks to all for your help.
Results attached
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Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting their first Sunday of the month match this Sunday August 4th 2019. Gates open at 8:00, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Stages are provided by Mr. Ripsaw. Setup for the match will be on Saturday starting at 4:30. If you are in the neighborhood we could always use a little help. Don’t forget that the VA. State match is the end of August, just over 4 weeks away so get your registrations in ASAP.
Major BS Walker

2nd Wednesday Match — July 10th, 2019

Hello All
We shot a fun match today. Mr. Ripsaw stopped by and helped keep score. It was really nice to see him and to hear how well his healing is progressing. Hopefully Greywolf and Remo are progressing as well as Ripsaw. Our thoughts are with you all. We had no clean shooters today, just fun.

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier cowboys will be having their monthly Wednesday match this coming Wednesday July 10th. Great stages so don’t be shy and come and shoot. Gates open at 10:00 and first shot at 12:00.
Thanks All:

BS – Low target count Match for “Popeye”

1st Sunday Match — July 7th, 2019

Sorry for the late scores but I had to honey do after I got home. If we could only of had a little breeze today it would of helped. Despite the warm temperatures, I think the match went really well. We only managed to have two clean shooters though. Those two lucky people were Ms.One Eyed Jane and Mr.Lawman Mays. Was really nice to see some KC’s folks stop on buy.The picnic afterword’s was the icing on the cake.
Thanks to Smackwater and Windhorse Rider for cooking it up. Thank you to all that attended for your work effort with all the help you provided  that is needed at a match. If you can manage it, we will shoot again this Wednesday starting at noon. Scores are attached.
Until we meet again:
Major BS Walker

Hello Boys and Girls
The Cavalier Cowboys will be having their first Sunday of the month match this Sunday July 7th. Gates open at 8:00, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Because of the heat, this will be a relaxed dress or Cowboy Casual match. This Sunday is also our annual 4th of July match so try to wear something patriotic and when we are done, we will be cooking on the grill so free food with paid participation. Just bring ammo and appetite. A cover dish would also be appreciated.
Stages attached
Ammo & Appetite Match
Major BS Walker