2nd Wednesday Match — August 12th, 2020

Well Hello Everyone

The weatherman lied again, was supposed to be 92 to 95 with a humidity factor of around 100 with thunderstorms. That never happened. Instead it was 82 overcast and with the fans it was quite comfortable. Did hear a rumble or two of thunder but had no storms. All this comfy weather didn’t help us shooters much except for Mr. Bingo who not only was our only clean all day shooter but won the whole match.With the State match canceled we will hold our regular 1st Sunday match as usual.

Thanks everyone and stay healthy:
Major BS Walker

08-12-2020 MatchResultsCombined


Hello Shooters

The Cavalier crew will be hosting the second Wednesday monthly match this Wednesday the 12th starting at high noon. Gates open at 10:00. Please come a little early to help with all the targets set up for this match. This will also be shot Cowboy Casual with shade and fans. Stages attached for your inspection.

Thanks All:
Major BS Walker

Cavalier Wednesday Match Aug 12-2020

1st Sunday Match — August 2nd, 2020

Hello everyone
I hope the canopies and fans were enough to make today bearable. I guess it was bearable enough for our three clean all day shooters, Hotshod, Bucksaw Bob and Flatboat Bob.  What a great bunch of hard working cowboys and cowgirls that came out today. You make a match seem so easy. Results attached.
Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed the match
Major BS Walker

For those of you that help, we will set-up for Sunday’s match on Sunday morning. Please try to come a little early while it’s still cool.
Thanks: Major BSW

The Cavalier Match this Sunday will be Cowboy Casual. No open toed shoes are ball caps. I’m also re-attaching the stages since a change I made made the last part of stage six move to an additional page.
Major BSW

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier Cowboys are back at it again. This Sunday, August 2 we are having our regular monthly 1st Sunday match. Gates open at 8:30 , safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot at 10:00. Social distance Cowboy social after the match under our new shelter. For your inspection the stages are attached.
See you Sunday
Major BSW

2nd Wednesday Match — July 8th, 2020

Would you believe we had all seven shooters shoot clean today. I wouldn’t believe it either but Bingo Montana managed as the only one to do so. Great day great match with great people. results attached.
Thanks for all the hard work.
Major BSW

Hello all you girls, boys and gender neutral shooters. The Cavalier Cowboys will be holding their second Wednesday match this Wednesday July 8th. Gates open at 10 with first shot at 12 noon. Hope you can make it. There will be some interesting stages that day supplied by Mr. Ripsaw. Stages attached.
See you on Wednesday
Major BSW

1st Sunday Match — July 5th, 2020

Happy 4th of July everyone
Just because it was hot and humid it didn’t take away from the fun and frolic we all shared being together today. Glad you all  could attend. Special thanks to Smackwater for not only writing the match for today but also for handling the cooking choirs afterwards. Mr. Dough Boy shot his first Cavalier match and we hope to see him again. We could only sweat out two clean all day shooters with the heat and that was Mr. Potter County Kid and some BS fellow. Thanks to everyone for all the help with the match.
Results attached:
Your Pard: Major BSW

Hello Everyone
Many of you are going to the Father Time Match this weekend and I wish you the best of luck at that match. For those of you that aren’t going, the Cavalier Cowboys will be having their first Sunday of the month match on Sunday July 5th starting at 10:00. Please try to wear red , white and blue if possible in some form to celebrate the holiday. Speaking of celebrating the holiday, after the match the Cavalier Cowboys will be cooking on the grill for all who participated free of charge, but with social distancing. I would like you to RSVP me by Thursday, text at 804-307-2980 or email at so we can get a more accurate idea of the amount of food we will need. Stages are attached.
Thanks: Major BSW 

2nd Wednesday Match — June 10th, 2020

Hello everyone, looks like canopies and fans will be the norm. Despite the heat we had a good turn out but the heat keep us from having a single C.A.D. Shooter. Also a big hello to Sam Sackett and Fat Back Frank, two new shooters on the horizon.
Thanks for all the help:
Major BSW

The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting a match this Wednesday. Gates open at 10:00 with first round down range at 12 noon.
Hope you can attend.
Thanks: MBSW

1st Sunday Match — June 7th, 2020

Hello everyone
The Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club will observe the new Phase 2 order starting Friday. No more RSVP for matches because we may gather up to 50 person groups. Distancing, sanitation,  etc. will still need to be the norm. Tell your friends they are welcome to visit and watch a match at any time. We will be also holding our 2nd Wednesday match June 10th three days after Sunday’s match on June.7th. I will send out the stages for Wednesday’s match this weekend along with some other news.
Thanks: MBSW.

Hello Boys and Girls
I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Major BS Walker and I am inviting you to our Regular 1st Sunday of the month match this Sunday June 7, 2020 at the Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club. There will be a few changes because of the revised range rules at this time. We are limited to two posse’s of ten people each and the count does include spectators so at this time it is better to tell your friends they can observe on a later date. We will not have the cowboy social either.😟 These restrictions should be gone once we go to phase 2. Also please bring your own water to lessen contact. Since we are limited to the total number of participants, I ask at this time to RSVP me that you are coming by e-mailing me at or text me at 804-307-2980 as soon as possible to let me know that you are coming. This will be a first call first come match. Please, I don’t want anyone to drive all the way here and have to be turned away. This all sucks, but the Cavalier range rules prevail. Attached are the stages for Sunday the 7th.
Thanks: Major BSW

Welcome to the Home of the Cavalier Cowboys

The Cavalier Cowboys are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club based near Montpelier, Virginia. We are associated with the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club which is where we hold our matches. We shoot on the 1st Sunday and 2nd Wednesday of every month, with some exceptions. The Cavalier Cowboys are a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Affiliated Club, we are governed by and operate our matches under all SASS Rules.

You DO NOT have to be a member of either Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club or SASS to shoot with us, everyone is welcome to join us as our guests.

NEW Shooters are Welcome and Encouraged!!  If you have ever wondered how much fun it is too dress up like a cowboy and shoot 1800 era pistols, rifles and shotguns at steel targets then COME ON OUT and find out!! New Shooters need to have observed a full match (at Cavalier or elsewhere) before shooting their first match.

Thanks, Major B.S. Walker

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2nd Wednesday — March 11th, 2020

Hello Everyone
What a lovely day to shoot a match. We had nine shooters enjoying the great weather but unfortunately we couldn’t muster up one clean shooter. I guess no one is used to shooting yet without shivering a little. A special shout out to Black Jack Bill who shot with us today and also a big thanks to Mrs. Dude who kept score.
Thanks Yawl for all the help:
Major BS Walker 

Hello Everyone
The Cavalier Cowboys will be starting up the second Wednesday matches this Wednesday March 11th. Gates open at 10:00 with first shot down range at high noon.Hope you can make it to shoot these fun stages. Stages attached from Mr. Ripsaw.
Thank you all:
Major Walker

1st Sunday Match — March 1st, 2020

Hello Fellow Shooting Enthusiasts
This Sunday is March 1st so it’s time for the Cavalier Cowboys monthly match. Normal time start at 10 am. It’s going to be a little chilly so dress warm. Setup for the match will be Saturday at 3:30 if you can help out. Will be a good chance to get some practice in for the Gathering.
Hope to see everyone.
Major BSW
PS – This is the beginning of March so we will resume the second Wednesday match on Wednesday, March 11th

1st Sunday Match — February 2nd, 2020

Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls
We might of had warmer temps today but we also had stronger winds so it felt cold all day. That didn’t deter a bunch of cowpokes from slinging some lead down range though. Congrats to Bingo Montana, Kuba Kid & Ripsaw for being our clean shooters and Ripsaw being our top shooter today. Well he did write the match. I would also like to shout out to Rapidan River Rat that shot his first ever Cowboy match today at Cavalier and did a great job under all that pressure. Just to let everyone know that wasn’t around, I was there today but did nothing but post scores on two different other scoring systems. Now I know how little I have to do with everyone else’s help. Don’t forget to sign up for the Gathering on the Mattaponi and while your at it please send in your registrations to the Gunfight at the Double-C.
Enjoy :
Major BS

Howdy Boys & Girls
Just a reminder that the match Sunday will be over well before the Super Bowl kick off. It will also be a good time to bring your registration to the Gunfight at the Double-C and save yourself a stamp. I will be there as an onlooker. Setup will be Saturday at 3:30 if you can help.
Thanks: MBSW

Hello Everyone
This Sunday is the Super Bowl. The pre game show’s starts at 12 noon and kickoff isn’t until 6:30. That’s wright 6:30. Who would you want to spend all day listening to predictions of who’s going to win when you can be a winner yourself. The Cavalier Cowboys are having their 1st Sunday of the month Super Bowl match. Match starts at 10:00 and is always over, torn down and put away before 3:00. We even have time to eat Mexican and then be home in time to watch the game. Sounds like a good plan to me. Stages were written by Mr. Ripsaw.
See you Sunday
Major BS Walker