1st Sunday Match — September 6th, 2020

What a beautiful day to be out and about with a gun in your hand. Fifteen people got to have fun today at the range but only one shot CAD. That was me. Thanks for all the help with the chores and hope to see all of you on the trail later this month.  Results are attached as usual in a timely manner.

Sunday 9_06_2020 (9_6_20)_ Overall Winners Details by Time


Yes everyone, we will be having our Cowboy Match this coming Sunday Sept. 6th 2020. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Hope to see everyone again since the cancelation of the state match.
Set up for Sunday’s match will be on Saturday at 5:00 pm. This match, created by Mr. Ripsaw, is attached.

Thanks All:
Major BS Walker


2020 Sep 6 CAV 1 bay