2nd Wednesday Match – June 12th, 2024

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen

Well the crowd was massive and we had a 25% clean all day rate. What more could you ask for?  Maybe to be there to actually shoot the match today. We did have two want-to-be Cowboys show up today to observe their first match. I do believe they will be back because they both said they loved it. With those two extra people we managed to total up to six. Seven if you count me in when I showed up at the end to test out the new targets. So four Cowboys shot their hearts out today with Ripsaw taking all honors, first place overall, the only CAD shooter and he wrote the match. What’s up with that? He even made the new targets. Results are attached.
Major BSW

Match Results – Overall Winners by Time 6/12/2024

Just a reminder, the second Wednesday is just two days away so dust off your shootin irons and come on out. Gates open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00 for those who like to sleep in. There’s some good shootin going on here. Take a look at the stages.

That Major BS fellow

Match Stages – 6/12/2024