Bingo Montana

Wednesday’s Match is Back! – CANCELLED Due to Weather!

Sorry folk’s but the rain just won’t leave soon enough so will have to cancel.

Major BSW

The title says it all. This Wednesday March 9th, Cavalier starts back shooting their second Wednesday of the month matches. Gates open at 9:30 with first shot down range at 11:00.

The problem for this event is that the weather guessers are calling for a 99% chance of rain. Keeping my fingers crossed that something will change by tomorrow and will update tomorrow.
M BS Walker

1st Sunday Match – March 6th 2022

Hello Everyone

Hope you all had a good time today despite the wind. I don’t think the wind was blowing enough of everyone’s bullets off target but maybe it blew more of some would of been a miss bullets back onto a target because we had six CAD shooters. Ripsaw, Bingo Montana, Sassy Shooting Sours, Kuba Kid, Prairie City Slim and One Eyed Jane all got that honor. Mr Ripsaw pulled off another overall victory. Congrads to all of today’s winners.  Results attached.
Thanks for all the help today
Major BS Walker

Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls

The Cavalier Cowboys are hosting their 1st Sunday of the month match this Sunday March 6th. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. It’s actually supposed to be over 70 on Sunday, Taaa Daaa! Stages are attached provided by Mr. Bingo. Setup will start on Saturday at 4:00 if you would like to help.
See You Sunday:
Major BS Walker

1st Sunday Match – February 6th 2022

Hello Everyone in Cowboy Chilly (not chili)  Land,

We actually had eleven actual shooters today braving the cold. You could call it twelve braving the cold with me not shooting but I would have to really say we had eighteen brave the cold for the match. We had a couple come watch their first match today and also a family of a husband, wife and two sons that are interested in starting our sport. We did manage to chill out two CAD shooters. Congrads to Lefty Spurmaker and Bingo Montana for that honor. As cold as it was, Bingo was on fire because he was top overall also. I was impressed with the overall times today with cold hands with some 1st, 2nd.and 3rd’s being less than a 1/2 second for the three positions. Hope this was the coldest match for the rest of the year. Results linked below.
Best wishes to All
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 02/06/2022

Hello Cowboy People

The Cavalier Cowboys will be having their 1st Sunday match this coming Sunday , Feb. 6th., 2022. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Heaters and hand warmers will be cranking. Setup for the match will be on Saturday beginning at 4:00 and we could really use some help. Stages linked below written by Mr. Ripsaw.
Dress warm and see you Sunday
Major BS

Match Stages – Sunday 2/6/2022

Sunday 1/2/2022 Match is CANCELLED!

Hello Cowpokes

Sorry all, but due to circumstances beyond my control (the weather) and people’s reluctance to shoot in wet conditions, the Cavalier Match is canceled for tomorrow.
Happy New Year
Major BS Walker


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas,
As most of you know I have been laid up for a while with a back issue, but healing is on the horizon. Though I have not been shooting I have still been working on something and that all panned out today. As of today, The Gunfight at the Double-C, the Cavalier Cowboys two-day Club Championship Match held every April will no longer happen. Now, here in Central VA the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club in Montpelier VA and the Cavalier Cowboys have officially been awarded as the location to host the 2022 SASS Virginia State Championship Match to be held on Labor Day weekend. The new VA State Match will be held on the same dates (September 2-4, 2022) as it always has been in Roanoke in recognition of the fourteen years of hard work they put into the memories I know we all cherish.
Updates to the Cavalier website will be forthcoming after the first of the year with all information and registration forms. I am looking forward to shooting again with all you pards and especially looking forward to shooting with everyone this year at the new SASS Virginia State Championship Match, Gunfight at the Double-C held right here in Central VA. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Major BS Walker
Match Director: SASS VA. State Championship


1st Sunday Match – December 5th 2021

Hello Everyone

It started out a little bit on the chilly side this morning but in spite of the chilly day, twenty people packed their coats and made it to the match. Mr. Ripsaw was the top overall shooter today and he and Mr. Potter County Kid were the only two CAD’s. We welcomed a couple of new faces and their families to the lineup today, Renegade Rifleman and Tye Riverman. Hope to see you again. Don’t forget that West Point is having a Cowboy match this Saturday.
Thanks again for everyone’s hard work.
Hopefully healed soon
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 12/05/2021

Hello Everyone

The Cavalier Cowboys will be starting off the Christmas Season this coming Sunday Dec. 5th. Gates open at 8:00 with first round down range at 10:00. Stages are presented by Mr. Smackwater for your entertainment attached. Heat, if needed will be supplied
Setup for Sunday will be on Saturday at 4:00 if you can help.
Merry Christmas
Major BS Walker

1st Sunday Match – November 7th 2021

Hello Fellow Shooters

While I was away basking in the tropics, the Cavalier Cowboys put on show for everyone braving the cold. 21 shooters froze their buns off but only 2 were hot enough to shoot CAD, Bingo Montana and Ms. One Eyed Jane. Mr. Bingo was on fire today not only writing the match, shooting it clean, and being top overall shooter. Thank you all for your attendance and your work efforts. Results attached below.
You are the best
Thanks Again:
Major BS Walker

Hello Fellow Western Style Shooters

The Cowpokes from the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club would like to invite you to this week’s match. Gates open about 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Stages for this Sunday’s match are provided by Mr. Bingo Montana. Setup for Sunday’s match will be on Saturday beginning at 4:00 if you can help. Ripsaw and myself will not be at this match or setup so any extra help will be greatly appreciated.
Major BS

2nd Wednesday Match – October 13th – Starting at 11 am!

Hello Everyone

Well, the Cockeyed Cowboys from Cavalier County got together today and spit some lead. The weather was perfect but no one’s shooting skills were. We had no CAD shooters. Results are attached somewhere.
Major BSW
It’s time again for the Second Wednesday Match at Cavalier. Gates open at 9:00 with the shenanigans beginning at 11:00, one hour earlier than our usual 12 noon starting time in the past. Stages for the fun fest provided by Mr. Ripsaw.
Major BSW

Match Stages – Wednesday 10/13/2021

1st Sunday Match – October 3rd, 2021

Hello to all my Cowboy Folks

Major BS Walker here reporting on today’s events. It was sunny today with just a slight amount of warmth. Things did get hot and heavy with the shooting though. After all the heartache and turmoil, four shooters emerged from the ruins clean all day. Those talented individuals were Cody Maverick, Lefty Spurmaker, Hotshod and Tree Doc Red. Speaking of talented individuals, Cody Maverick  was our overall winner. Thanks to all who helped and a special thanks to Bucksaw Bob for being the timer guinea pig today. Cavalier’s next match will be on Wednesday Oct. 13th at 11:00. Results attached somewhere.
Enjoyed : Major BSW

Hello fellow lead slingers!

It’s time again for the first Sunday match at Cavalier 10/03/21. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Match antics were supplied by Mr. Ripsaw. If you have the time, setup will be on Saturday at 4 pm. Any and all help is appreciated. Match stages linked below.
Thanks: Major BSW