1st Sunday Match – July 3rd 2022

Hello All

Was a nice day for shooting weather wise with the pop-up’s and the fans going. Was a nice day for shooting people wise with such a hard working and happy crowd.Great to see how many showed off their Hawaiian Cowboy Spirit and thanks to all that chipped in on supplying all the vittles afterwards. We did have four Clean All Day Shooters out of nineteen trying desperately to do so. The four lucky ones were the dynamic duo of Miss One Eyed Jane and Prairie City Slim, also Enid City Kid and that Major BS fellow.
Don’t forget to send in your State Registrations. It will be here sooner than you think
Thanks Again
Your Pard
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sunday 7/3/2022

Hello everyone in Cowboyville

This Sunday,July 3rd the Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their monthly match. As usual, gates open at 8:30 with first shots down range at 10:00. What’s not usual is this will be our Cowboy Casual Summer Hawaiian Shirt Match. Like your ugliest Christmas tie, please sport your brightest Hawaiian or festive shirt. After the match to celebrate your company, we will be cooking on the grill. Bringing a cover dish to share would be appreciated but not required.
If you do wish to add something then just email or call me so we don’t end up with four bowls of pork-n- beans creating a Blazing Saddles campfire moment. Stages attached provided by Mr. Smackwater.
See you on Sunday:
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sunday July 3rd