1st Sunday Match – November 5th 2023

Sunday’s Match Results Are In!

Hello Boys and Girls
With the mass exodus to North Carolina, the Cavalier gang managed to pull off a perfect weather day. Twelve lucky souls got to take advantage of this perfect weather day to shoot some Cowboy Action. Sadly to say that no one managed to pull off a clean match. I would like to shout out a big welcome to the two new shooters to us, Ms. Iron Yoper and Mr. Steady Dutchman who made their first appearance at Cavalier today.and the return of Tombstone Rex. Hope to see more of you. Thanks for all the hard work that everyone had to endure to pull off this match. Results linked below.
Thanks Again:
Major BS Walker

Match Results: Overall Winners by Time Nov 5, 2023

Hello all you Cowfolkes

What’s left of the Cavalier crew will be hosting our first Sunday of the month match this Sunday Nov. 5th. Mr. Bingo and I will be at the NC State match so the setup for the match will not be on Saturday but will be set up on Sunday morning before the match begins. Gates open at 8:30 with first shot down range at 10:00. Please come a little early to help out with the set up. I hope you enjoy the match cooked up by Mr. Bucksaw and are attached.
Thanks All:
Major BSW

Match Stages – 10/05/2023