2nd Wednesday Match – 8/9/2023

Hello Everyone out there in Cowboy Land

Another day cometh and another day comes to an end at Cavalier today. With only two CAD shooters left standing.  Gentleman George and Marshal PC Wabash, they showed us how it’s done. Everyone took an eye out on the bull. RTersults attached.
Major BSW

Overall Winners by Time – Wed 8/9/2023

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls and the brain damaged undecided

The laid back bad guys at Cavalier are shooting their usual monthly Wednesday match this Wednesday Aug. 9th., 2023. You are all welcome. Play hookie or tell your boss a lie and come on out. Gates open at 9:00 with first shot down range at 11:00. We are trying out the new Buffalo. Stages attached
Don’t forget about the State Match.
Thanks All:
That Major BS fellow

Match Stages – Wed 8/9/2023