1st Sunday Match – August 6th 2023

Hello Everyone in Cowboyville

It was actually quite a nice day for shooting. In the shade and a fan, a cool drink and we were good to go. We managed to have a 25% clean shooter’s rate today. Myself and Range Hazzard were both CAD. That being said, we had eight shooters show up today to enjoy the festivities. We all loaded then shot and were finished by 12:30 before it got hot. We rolled like a well oiled machine.
The Virginia State Championship Match is just 4 weeks away and we are almost at capacity. Please get your applications in quickly. Also, Red Rider Slim is going to teach an RO1 class on Friday Sept. 1st, the sidebar day of the State match here at the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club. Please contact him at redngary@cox.net to register to take this very important class.
Thanks All:
Results attached
Major BS Walker

Overall Winners by Time – Sun 8/6/2023

Hello Everyone out there in Cowboyville

The SASS Virginia State Championship Match is just a month away so get your Application in ASAP. You won’t be disappointed. We do have one more monthly main match to do this Sunday with six great stages thought up and laid out by the one, the only, Mr. Bingo Montana.
Setup for Sunday will be on Saturday at 4:00. Stages attached.
Please show your support for your sport by signing up for your state match.
Thanks Everyone:
Major BS Walker

Match Stages – Sun 8/6/2023