2nd Wednesday Match — November 13th, 2019

Hello Gang
I haven’t been able to fix the problem yet but my iPad won’t send the results to my email. Anyway, yesterday was about as cold of a day to shoot as you would want, upper 20’s at start and around 34 by finish.The three of us that shot never got cold (long john’s rule)but we did have to contend with cold hands. For that reason we had no clean shooters. The order of placement was Major BS, Lefty Spurmaker, Bingo Montana.
PS: My experimental stage will be canned.

Hello Cowboys & Cowgirls
The Cavalier Cowboys will he shooting there second Wednesday of the month match this Wednesday Nov. 13th. Gates open at 10 with first shot down range at high noon. Speaking of highs, it’s supposed to be cold on Wednesday so Cowboy Casual Cold dress code will be in effect. This will be our last Wednesday match for 2019. Wednesday matches will not be held in December, January and February but will resume in March. Please come on out and play cowboy with us even though I wrote the stages.
Thanks All:
Major BS Walker