1st Sunday Match — October 07th, 2018

Hello everyone

What a nice day to shoot. A little breeze would of helped but it was still quite nice. We still had a good turnout with many at the Eastern Divisional but 20 shooters managed to make it to the match. With the mostly non traditional stages some fool put together, we still managed to have 3 clean shooters, Cockroach, Smackwater and Major BS Walker. I do hope everyone had fun today. That is the real reason we put ourselves through all of this. Stages attached.

Thanks for all the help
Major BS Walker
Match Director, Cavalier Cowboys

Cavalier Match Scores 2018-10-07.pdf


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen or is it hello boys &  girls
For all those people that will not be at Thurmont for the Eastern Divisional this weekend, the Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their first Sunday of the month match as usual. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00. Cavalier information and directions can be found at www.cavaliercowboys.org or contact me at www.majorbswalker@gmail.com. Good luck to all at Thurmont but if you are not there than I hope to see you here.
Stages attached.