1st Sunday Match — September 2nd, 2018

Hello Everyone

I hope all of you enjoyed the match today and didn’t get too confused with the stages. I missed seeing all of your (hopefully) smiling faces today. There was only one clean shooter out of the bunch and that was Cockroach. Congrads to Mr. Cody for being the top overall shooter. Thanks everyone for doing the work duties while I was away.

Stages Attached
Major BS Walker

Cavalier 09-02-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf

The Cavalier match Sunday will be Cowboy Casual. No open toed shoes or ball caps. Shorts and t-shirts are allowed.
Stay cool:

If you decided not to go to the State match this weekend then come on down on Sunday, Sept. 2nd and hang out with the Cavalier Cowboys for some cowboy shootem- up. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot down range at 10:00.Please take advantage of this opportunity to shoot with BS no where around. Stages written by me and are attached. Don’t forget we have a Cowboy social after the match so hang out at that also.

Good luck to all the State shooters and everyone else just enjoy yourselves and play safe.
Thanks: MBSW

Cavalier Match Stages 09-02-2018.pdf