1st Sunday Match – January 7th, 2018

Cowboys & Cowgirls,

Happy New Year to all our Cowboy Family and Friends!!!!

In terms of bad weather, my normal approach is to send out the match announcement on Monday saying that we are planning on having a match but will send out am update on Friday with the final call. I use this approach because the weather forecast 7 days out are very unreliable.

However, the current hourly weather forecast for Sunday calls for 18 degrees with a feels like of 13 degrees for our 10:00 am start time.

This forecast is so far below what I consider minimum acceptable shooting, that I am taking a different approach.

Assume that the Sunday, January 7th match is cancelled.

And if some weather miracle occurs between now and then, we will send out an update on Friday that the match is back on.

Let’s hope this isn’t the start of a bad trend for 2018 cowboy shooting……

Safe Travels,