Pre-Match Announcement for our Sunday Dec. 3rd Match

Hi everyone!

I am happy to say that everyone is excited about our social. We have at least three cowboys cooking chili, and we will have cornbread and fixins, as well, maybe even some hot dogs for the chili dog lovers. We always have plenty of food,  so even if you aren’t able to bring something,  please join us. If you are looking for something to bring,  some people like crackers in their chili, or cheese and crackers are always good. Cookies or a little something sweet is usually a crowd pleaser.  The company is far more important than the food.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you!

Whiskey Mae

Cowboys & Cowgirls,

We will be sending out our standard match announcement and stages on Monday but wanted to get some info out to you ahead of that email.

As you know we always have a Cowboy Social after the match, where everyone brings their favorite snacks and drinks and we share these items and enjoy our cowboy family fellowship.

Well for this coming match on Dec 3rd., Whiskey Mae has issued a friendly challenge, as follows from her:

“Howdy, and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am sure thankful for all my cowboy friends.

How do y’all feel about chili and fixins for our December cowboy social? I know Stogie will make some chili,  send I think there are some others that would bring theirs, too. I will bring some cornbread, onions,  shredded cheese and corn chips.  We could have a friendly cowboy chili cook off.


Thanks all.
Whiskey Mae”

So, are there any other cowboys willing to except this challenge?

If there are, please contact Whiskey Mae directly, her email is above and coordinate this competition.

We have electricity available on the range, so slow cookers are a option for your chili and we have the gas grill with a side burner as another.

And regardless of  if your entering the cook off or not, everyone is invited to help judge the winners.

So, bring along your favorite drink, favorite snacks, and join us after the match for our Cowboy Social.

Safe Travels,