1st Sunday Match – August 4th, 2013

Cowboys & Cowgirls,

Today was a very good day to be a cowboy, we got to enjoy the match and didn’t have to fight the weather!!

Congratulations goes to Cody Maverick as our Top Overall Shooter and to Cody Maverick, Sassy Shooting Sours, Prairie City Slim and Virginia Rifleman as our Clean All Day Shooters.

The scores are attached in both MS Excel and PDF formats.

Cavalier Cowboys – Scores – Sunday Aug 4th 2013.xlsm
Cavalier Cowboys – Scores – Sunday Aug 4th 2013.pdf

Upcoming matches at Cavalier Cowboys…..

Our 2nd Wednesday Match on August 14th, 2013 and our next 1st Sunday Match on September 1st, 2013. The September match falls on the same weekend as the Virginia State Match and many of us will be shooting that match but Enid City Kid will be running the match at Cavalier for those who are home that weekend.


Cowboys & Cowgirls,

Please consider joining the Cavalier Cowboys this Sunday, August 4th, 2013 for our cowboy match at the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club.

The stages have been written by myself, Striker and are attached in both MS Word and PDF formats. As a heads up to our shooters, there is one stage on Sunday with a pistol reload, so if you have not done one in awhile you might want to brush up on the process.

Cavalier Cowboys – Stages – Sunday Aug 4th 2013.docx
Cavalier Cowboys – Stages – Sunday Aug 4th 2013.pdf

The gates will open at 8:00, Registration starts at 8:30, Registration and the gates close at 9:30, Mandatory Safety Meeting at 9:45 and the shooting begins at 10:00. The costs is $15.00 for non members of CR&PC, $10.00 for members, $25.00 for couples and shooters 18 and under always shoot for free.

The current forecast is calling for a high temperature in the low 80’s so we will go with normal cowboy dress as the dress code. However, accommodations will be made for anyone who has medical issues in dealing with the heat.

Safe Travels,


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