Cavalier Cowboys: IMPORTANT- SASS Scoring

SASS has just announced that effective immediately all SASS Sanctioned Cowboy Action Shooting matches are to be scored using Total Time.

You can read the announcement below from SASS.

A “sanctioned” match is when there is a contract between SASS and the match organizers that defines how the match will be conducted. This includes state matches, state blackpowder matches, regional matches, divisional matches and etc..

Previously SASS directed that regional and above matches use Rank Points for scoring and matches at the state level and below could use either Rank Points or Total Time for scoring.

The Cavalier Cowboys have always used Rank Points, specifically because that was the scoring system used at the major SASS matches.

Therefore, we will continue with our practice of using the scoring system used by SASS at it’s major matches and we will switch to Total Time scoring, effective immediately.

Safe Travels,


———- Forwarded message ———-

Dear SASS Match Directors, Event Organizers, RO Committee, and Affiliated Club Contacts:
After careful consideration and evaluation of the countless requests and movements regarding scoring methods for Cowboy Action Shooting™, the SASS Board of Directors do hereby decree that effective immediately, all SASS Sanctioned Cowboy Action Shooting™ matches are to be scored using Total Time.Please consider this your notice to that effect and make immediate changes to your match planning to accommodate the change.
SASS Sanctioned Cowboy Action Shooting™ matches will no longer be allowed to use any scoring method other than Total Time. Updated contracts will be issued in the coming weeks to reflect the change.
We feel strongly that this monumental change will garner great support and appreciation from our valued members.
Misty D. Miller
aka Misty Moonshine
Chief Executive Officer
Single Action Shooting Society
SASS Patron Life #83232
Office: 505-843-1320
Toll free: 877-411-SASS