Gunfight at the Double-C – Inaugural Annual Two Day Match

The following are the Scores from the ACES Scoring System used for the GATDC:



The Shooters Handbook (Stages, etc.) from the 2015 Gunfight at the Double-C:

2015 GATDC Shooter Handbook.docx
2015 GATDC Shooter Handbook.pdf


The Cavalier Cowboys and the Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club hereby invites all cowboy action shooters to the Inaugural Gunfight at the Double-C, our annual two day championship match on November 7th & 8th, 2015.

The $45.00 all-inclusive match fee covers 12 main match stages, a Chili Lunch/Cowboy Social on Saturday, name badge, match handbook, door prizes and awards.

For those traveling from afar we have both a host hotel with discounted rates and limited onsite camping available.  For those cowboys who cannot shoot both days a one day registration is available at our normal match fees.

We look forward to shooting with all our cowboy friends in November!!

Major B.S. Walker – Match Director

Striker – Cavalier Cowboys President


Pre-Registration is closed, however shooters can still signup for the match in an existing category.

Registration Deadline was Monday, October 12th, 2015

Please see below for the Gunfight at the Double-C Registration Application and Information Sheet….

2015 GATDC – Shooter Application.pdf

2015 GATDC – Shooter Information.pdf


As of 10/30/2015 here is the Final List of Registered Shooters for GATDC:

01   Brizco Z
02   Bucksaw Bob
03   Cardinal Wind
04   Clovis Cowboy
05   Cockroach
06   Cody Maverick
07   Cotton Connie
08   Doc Pill Filler
09   Enid City Kid
10   Filthy Five
11   Flatboat Bob
12   Foolish Tom
13   Gentleman Jack
14   Goosefoot
15   Grouchy Greg
16   Hotshod
17   J.G. Howard
18   Judge N.O. Heart
19   Kuba Kid
20   Lefty Spurmaker
21   Little Rhody
22   Mad Dog Savage
23   Madame Anne Bonney
24   Major B.S. Walker
25   Missouri Marshal
26   Mustang Major
27   One Eyed Jane
28   Poney Racer
29   Potter County Kid
30   Prairie City Slim
31   Regret Scovefield
32   Remo Williams
33   Ricochet Kid
34   Ripsaw
35   Sassy Shooting Sours
36   Sod Buster
37   Stogie
38   Striker
39   Swifty McDraw
40   Tricky Trina
41   Tumbleweed Tink
42   Virginia Rifleman
43   Wendover Kid
44   Will Sonnet
45   Windhorse Rider