2nd Wednesday Match — August 8th, 2018

Good evening Cowboys & Cowgirls

The Cavalier Cowboys held its Wednesday not too hot to shoot match today. With shade, tents, fans and a breeze coming off the lake it was quite nice. Mr.Striker even shot today. I am sorry for the lack of clean shooters  for I was the only one.
Detailed match results are attached.

Until we meet again
Thanks all
Major BSW

Cavalier Scores 08-08-2018.pdf

Forgot to mention that Wednesday’s match will be Cowboy Casual.
Fans and shade provided.

First shot at noon.


The Cavalier Cowboys will be hosting their second Wed. match this Wednesday Aug. 8th. Gates open at 10:00 for setup, safety briefing at 11:45 and first shot at 12 noon.
Take a day to relax and have fun and come shoot with us.

Stages are attached
See you then:

Cavalier Match 08-08-2018.pdf

1st Sunday Match — August 5th, 2018

Another Sunday match at Cavalier is now in the books. I think Smackwater did a (pun) bang up job with his stages today. I’m sure many of you also think so since almost a third of the posse shot it clean. Our clean shooters today were Cody Maverick, Enid City Kid, Regret Scovefield, Sassy Shooting Sours and Swifty McDraw. Cody Maverck was our top shooter. Thanks for all the help with all match duties today. Everything moved like a well oiled machine. For those that missed today, if you would of come you would of shot it clean also.

Thanks again
You guys/ gals are the greatest

Major B.S. Walker

2018-08-05 Scores DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf

With temps hovering at 90 and high humidity we will shoot Cowboy Casual. Of course shade, fans and cold water will be provided. Don’t forget, we also have a Wednesday match this week.

Dress cool
Major BSW

Hello Everyone

This Sunday, August 5th the gang at the Double C will be hosting their first Sunday of the month match. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first shot at 10:00.
Please stay afterwards for the Cowboy social.
Stages are attached written by Smackwater.


August 5 Stages.pdf

2nd Wednesday Match — July 11th, 2018

Hello Everyone
Another fun filled Wednesday match has now come and gone. Strategic placement of our air circulators made everything quite pleasant. I did learn today that the fans should always be the last thing to take up. A.C. Winchester, Cockroach and myself were CAD, with Cockroach being the overall winner. I would also like to welcome our now favorite new shooter Marshal P.C. WaBash. Hope to see you at our next Wednesday match. Results are attached.

Thanks guys for the help:
Major BS Walker
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys

Cavalier 7-11-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf

Hello Yall

The boys from the Double-C will be holding their regular second Wednesday match this Wednesday July 11. Gates open at 10, safety briefing at 11:45 and first shot down range at high noon. Shade, fans and cold water will be supplied. Hope you can make it.

Stages attached written by Cockroach
Thanks: Major BS

Cavalier Match 07-11-2018.pdf

1st Sunday Match — July 1st, 2018

Hello Everyone

Well, we pulled off a really nice match today with minimal sweat. It was hot but shooting entirely in the shade with the fans was enough to make it more comfortable than one would expect. We had three clean shooters today, Cody Maverick the overall winner, Myself and One Eyed Jane. I also want to thank everyone for their help and our food cooks Smackwater and Windhorse Rider. I also want to make a special shout out to our new partner, Brendon. Also known by some as Little Pete, this young man shagged brass all day. Way to go buddy, you can ride on my posse anytime. Once again you guys were great. Scores are attached.

Major BS Walker
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys

07-01-2018 Cavalier Cowboys DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf


Hello Everyone

This Sunday July 1, 2018 the Cavalier Cowboys will be holding its regular first Sunday of the month match. It’s going to be hot so the canopy’s and fans will be out for your comfort. It will also be a relaxed dress code match also for your comfort. Since this match is just before the 4th of July, at our usual Cowboy Social after the match we will be cooking on the grill with the meat furnished by us at no additional charge.
If you could send me a response if you are coming than I can work up a food order.
So break out your red, white and blue and come join us.

Major B.S. Walker
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys

July 1_ 18 spur match.pdf

2nd Wednesday Match – June 13th, 2018

Hello Everyone

It didn’t seem to get as hot as they predicted or maybe it was just the nice breeze we had all day but what a nice day to Cowboy shoot. Eight people showed up and had a good time despite Cockroaches stages. Special shot out to our new shooter, Which Hand Wade. Glad to have you on our posse. Hope to see much more of you. There was only one clean shooter today and that was me. Detailed results for todays match are attached.

Cavalier 06-13-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf

Howdy Everyone

The Cavalier Cowboys will be holding its regular monthly second Wednesday Match this Wednesday, June 13th. Gates open at 10:00 with safety briefing at 11:45 and first shot at high noon. Everyone come on by, call in sick if you work or plan an early morning or late evening Doctors appointment on the second Wednesday and just come by and play. You deserve it.

Or, get some early BP shooting in before the Smoke on the Mattaponi

Stages attached:
Bad influence
Major BS Walker

Cavalier Match 06-13-2018.pdf

1st Sunday Match – June 3rd, 2018

Sorry for the last minute cancelation but the weather channel won’t back off of the 90 to 100% chance of rain from 8:00 am through 3:00 pm. With not having the saloon and the livery to shoot under and the expected low turn out on a steady rain day not scattered showers, the Cavalier Cowboys have been forced to cancel tomorrows match.

Major BS Walker

Hello Everyone
Sitting here bloated up after chunking down too much steak on Memorial Day, I thought I’d send out the match information for next Sunday. The Cavalier Cowboys will be having their 1st Sunday match on June the 3rd. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9: 45 and first shot at 10:00. This time we will not be shooting at Bay 3 and 3A as we usually do but we will hold the match at Bays 4A and 4B on the left at the top of the hill. Bay 3 is being used for a Bullseye Championship match that day. Stages have been written by Striker, you remember him, and are attached. Hope to see everyone’s smiling faces on Sunday.

Major BS Walker
Match Director
Cavalier Cowboys

Cavalier Cowboys – Stages – Sunday June 3rd 2018.pdf
Cavalier Cowboys – Stages – Sunday June 3rd 2018.docx

2nd Wednesday Match — May 9th, 2018

Hello everyone
What a great day to not work. Actually every shooter worked after the match to help me with a project. Thanks guys, your the best.
There were no clean shooters today. Scores are attached.

Major BS Walker

Cavalier 05-09-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf


The Cavalier Cowboys will be shooting Wednesday, May 9th. Gates open at 10 am with safety meeting at 11:45 and first shot at noon. Stages have been written by Cockroach.

See you on Wednesday
Major BS

Cavalier Match 05-09-2018.pdf

1st Sunday Match — May 6th, 2018

Good evening everyone
With the group that shot the Father Time match and the shooters that thought it might rain you really missed a good match today at Cavalier. Comfortable temperatures and not a drop of rain until 30 minutes into the cowboy social after the match. Ripsaw provided us with some really nice stages. Me managed to muster up nine shooters for todays match and also welcomed two first time Sundays regular
match shooters ( but not new to the Wednesday matches) Max Steel and Captain R. Hugh Kidnme. We had two clean shooters today , myself and Captain R. Hugh Kidnme. Scores are posted.

Thanks again for all the help;
Major BS Walker

Cavalier 05-06-2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf

I must apologize for my mistake on the location of Cavaliers Sunday match this week. The match will be held in its usual location this month but will move location next month. Sorry, I got it back asswards.

Thanks: Major BS

Hello Everyone

This Sunday May 6th. the Cavalier Cowboys are having their first Sunday of each month regular scheduled match. I know many of you will be at the Father Time match but for those that are not going, you can still shoot at Cavalier. Because of a special class being held on Bay 3 on that date, we will be shooting the match on the Bay 4 sites. Just pass the Saloon and park up the hill on the left. Gates open at 8:30, safety briefing at 9:45 and first round down range at 10:00. The stages for this weeks match were written by Mr. Ripsaw and are attached.

See you Sunday
Major BS Walker

May 6 2018 CC match Rev 2.pdf

2018 Gunfight at the Double-C Scores

Hello Boys & Girls

What a great weekend to shoot a match. Five minutes of drizzle was the only drawback from an almost perfect weekend. I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to you, the Gunfight was totally worth all the hard work it took to have this event. You could not possibly have a more dedicated, harder working and fun loving group of cowpokes than the group that were here this weekend. All of you deserve a standing ovation.

Here are the results attached and please remember to visit us next year.

All my best:

Major BS Walker

Match Director

Cavalier Cowboys

GATDC 2018 DetailedMatchResultsByTime.pdf
GATDC 2018 CleanShootersNoMissNoProc.pdf
GATDC 2018 MatchResultsByCatTime.pdf

2nd Wednesday Match – April 11th, 2018

Hello everyone
I sent the match info out on Sunday but for some unknown reason, it doesn’t seemed to have gone out.
So trying again, the Cavalier Cowboys will be having their Wednesday match in two days on April 11th. Gates open at 10 am with first shot down range at 12 noon. Stages have been written by Cockroach and are attached. What an upcoming week, shoot on Wednesday, set up on Thursday and Friday, shoot on Saturday and Sunday.
Thanks: BS
Cavalier Match 04-11-2018.pdf